Introduction service forms

Improve your service organization with easy to scan QR code forms. With the introduction of the dynamically adjustable service forms, a new phase in the development of Centix has begun.The forms can be dragged together with content such as standard Centix fields and user-defined input fields and are extremely flexible. For example, labels can be

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Testing of battery tools

We are regularly confronted with the comment: ‘we do inspect the battery charger, but not the battery tools because there is no connecting cable with a plug’. If we then ask whether another inspection is carried out on the cordless tools, the answer is often no. They are convinced that the battery tools do not

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Centix: for every maintenance strategy

Centix Online Basis has four types of maintenance which are all organized differently. Corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance and usage-based maintenance. In addition, event-driven maintenance using sensoring is possible through an API. In Centix all types of maintenance can be used together, also per asset. Corrective maintenance Corrective maintenance is a maintenance task performed to restore

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Capacity planning module

The capacity planning has been renewed, expanded and moved from Centix Office to Centix Online. The capacity planning provides insight into the planning of long-term capacity.By adding various scenarios to the capacity planning based on object OI plan schedules, workflow items, repetitive workflow items and manual rules, there is a clear insight into the required

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