DCW: “Centix deserves a big 9!”

In the past year, DCW, the social development company of the municipality of Enschede, transitioned to Centix Online. After a year of using Centix Online, Javier can only conclude that the decision was the right one for DCW. The system perfectly fulfils their need for increased efficiency and maintaining a clear overview.

Forteck uses Centix as a total solution: Inspecting from A to Z

Forteck was looking for a complete system that would support all aspects of their operations. Centix Online offered the solution they were looking for. Emiel Plasmeijer, Forteck’s equipment manager, explains why Forteck chose Centix Online and the motivation behind the switch from PATManager to Centix.

How data restrictions can help you

Data restrictions are a powerful functionality within Centix Online. This is because data restrictions allow you to limit access to data based on roles, individuals, business units, or teams. This functionality offers numerous benefits, including enhanced data security.

Centix is proud sponsor of Montfoort S.V. ’19 MO20-1

The football season has started again. This means the tracksuit, team kit and football boots will be taken out again. Last Saturday, Centix went to watch the MO20-1 football match. Upon arrival at the sports club, the girls looked on top of their game in their Centix-sponsored tracksuits.