Internship at Centix

Are you looking for an internship or research internship? Centix has several internship positions available every year. From Business & IT, (Technical) Business Administration to ICT. Take a quick look and contact us!
Did you like the internship? Maybe after that you can really get started at Centix! 

What will you do?

There is room for both an internship and a research internship. Perhaps there is a nice internship in the software development department or a challenging graduation assignment in product development. But ICT or sales are also possible. Please contact our HR to discuss options

What do we ask?

What do we offer?

What does working at Centix mean?

Centix B.V. is a committed organization with an informal and open atmosphere. We are a young and enthusiastic team that strives for innovation and progress every day. Due to the informal atmosphere, the lines are short and personal development is encouraged in order to grow within our organization. We love ‘doing things right’ and are therefore looking for new ‘stubborn’ employees who dare to make mistakes. Hard work sounds nice, but we strive more for efficient working and delivering quality. In addition to all that work, there is certainly time for fun and relaxation. A game of pool or darts during the break, the cozy Friday afternoon drinks or a team outing to Tomorrowland or Ibiza.


Are you interested? Then contact our HR quickly!

* Acquisition in response to this vacancy is not appreciated