“Centix is very dynamic. We are growing and we innovate."

A new step in your career

Centix B.V. supplies a software solution specialized in the field of technical asset management. We provide solutions for managing assets and locations, performing maintenance and (electrical) inspections, managing service organizations and ensuring smooth order and rental processes.

We have international customers from a small local construction company to international market leaders. We serve industries such as construction and civil engineering companies, installation companies, technical wholesalers, inspection and testing companies, rental companies, industry, business service providers and offshore.

Every day something different...

One moment you are talking to a customer, the next moment you are helping to build the software of the future! Centix software is used in many places. Industry, civil engineering, inspection companies, construction, but also municipalities and the fire brigade use Centix to work more efficiently.


At Centix you will find an employer that is always developing, working on internationalization and a young team that we would like to expand. Your talent and your input are valued at Centix. We would like to welcome you to our company, where there is an open and relaxed atmosphere. As colleagues, we motivate and encourage each other to achieve the best result together. Here at Centix we don’t have any CEO’s or managers, you just walk by each other if you have a question or need help.

Plenty of room for development

At Centix, we like a hands-on mentality. We are daring, headstrong and ambitious and there is plenty of room to develop. We do as much training as possible during the working day, because we believe that you should have fun after a day’s work. We put a monthly budget aside for training! Once you join us, you will experience how much Centix is used. You only have to look around and you will find ‘something’ where Centix is being used. How nice is that!

Want to be part of the team?

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No traditional interviews
We are always looking for a unique person who brings something unique to our organisation. First get to know us in a personal interview in Montfoort or Urmond. We are also open for a Teams interview. Let us show you the Centix product and the organisation. Feel whether there is a click with us, the Centix Online product and the team and then we will look further! Bet you’ll feel right at home!

Sales consultant

As a Sales Consultant you contribute to the growth strategy of Centix. Thanks to your sales experience, you convert the incoming leads into deals. You answer all questions via phone and e-mail that potential customers have and help turn their challenges into opportunities with Centix.

Implementation consultant

As an implementation consultant, you are responsible for implementing Centix at our customers. Based on an implementation plan, you guide the customer with the efficient implementation of the Centix environment.


Support engineer

Would you like to develop yourself as a support assistant and help customers with all their user questions and problems? Are you structured and do you work tidy? Then the vacancy for a help desk employee at Centix is tailor-made for you.


Graduation & Internships

Are you looking for an internship or research internship? Centix has several internship positions available every year. From Business & IT, (Technical) Business Administration to ICT. 


Take a look and contact us quickly!

Working at Centix


We are a committed and healthy organization. We take each other and our environment into account.


Go for personal development, and grow within Centix towards your intended position.


There is room for relaxation with a game of pool or darts. Also during drinks or team outings.


We are growing internationally and serve these customers from Montfoort (UT) and Urmond (LB).
"Centix B.V. is a committed organization with an informal and open atmosphere. We are a young and enthusiastic team that strives for innovation and progress every day."

At Centix we like a hands-on mentality. We are daring, stubborn and ambitious and there is plenty of room to develop. We do training as much as possible during the working day and we believe that you should do fun things after your working day. We therefore make a monthly budget available for that! Once you work with us, you will experience how much Centix is used. You only have to look around and you will find ‘something’ where Centix is used for. How awesome is that!

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* Acquisition in response to the careers is not appreciated