Service and maintenance for technical wholesalers

From a sales opportunity to the management of the service organization. Centix is used to steer modifications and customer wishes in the right direction. This includes assembly, testing, certification and specific customer requirements such as registration of machines and tools in a customer system.

After the delivery has taken place, Centix can create a ‘sales opportunity for service’. If the product needs to be installed on location, a technician can be dispatched by using the Work Order App

In general, it is common that margins are under pressure at technical wholesalers. The ordering online era also has its downsides in some respects. Through an excellent service organization and additional services, the relationship with the customer can lead to a partnership in which the sales margin on new products becomes less important. Recurring business and service can your increase revenue and margin.

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By registering the customer’s delivered product with a QR code, you can automatically send the customer a message for maintenance, inspection or calibration. By cleverly linking service forms and consumables, etc. to a QR code, you stay close to the customer and you have recurring business!

Tip from Centix: have you ever thought about leasing, full service or rental? Centix is happy to help you on your way with appropriate automation.

Easily manage your sales and service processes

In the sales and service process, registration, management, maintenance, information and service are important aspects to be able to work safely and to deliver maximum quality to your customers. The Centix Online Basis, sales– and workflowmanagement modules allow you to easily organize the entire process from orders, workshop to service execution.

Complete overview

Easily get a complete overview of what is where, with whom and what the condition of the tools or equipment is.

With the webshop, your customers can easily order equipment and you receive the order. Let the picking begin!


Quickly and easily inspect the equipment with standard checklists. Connect with PAT-testers.

Quotation and orders

Easily create a quote request and convert it into orders. After the order, you create the pick list for the warehouse.

Centix Logistics App

No more paper pick lists, but digital pick lists. Complete overview of the stock and the possibility to inspect equipment immediately upon return.

Centix Work Order App

With the Work Order app work orders can be managed, material and hours can be registered, navigate to the next customer and inspections can be carried out.

Digital work orders

The digital work order is leading for the service notification, planning and execution by the technician. For recording hours, material or even conversations with the customer.


Increase your productivity through real-time insight into the dispatch planning and project planning linked to the inspectors in the field.

Hour registration

The apps think along with your inspector to quickly and easily register direct and indirect hours based on start/stop times.


Parts and Inventory Management

Register the parts per object and manage the stock in your warehouses and the vans of your service technicians.

Customer portal

Tired of emailing lists and documents to customers? Give them access to their own part of your environment and don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Partner link

Order ready and equipment returned? Invoice the orders easily by linking with your own accounting software. We have standard plug-ins available.

Service notification

Using the QR code stickers on the object, your customers can easily submit a service report. A work order “to be scheduled” is automatically created.

Using Centix makes technical wholesalers successful!

We can make it easier for the customer to register malfunctions and order consumables by placing a QR code for service-forms or put together a nice product page. These kinds of flexible forms and details can be completely fine-tuned for your environment using widgets.

For managing the field service technicians there is the plan board, workorders and an excellent Workorder App. For the workshop there are options from registration of maintenance and malfunction, receipt, but also the further process with purchased spare parts, receipt of parts, to invoicing to the customer. Centix offers complete solutions which can also be easily connected to, for example, accounting software.

Of course, all this is transparent to all stakeholders in a portal where, for example, the customer can effortlessly request manuals, instruction videos and certificates and your technicians can carry out inspections and maintenance.

Collaboration Centix & technical wholesaler Primex: Achieving more with the same people!

For Primex, Centix is not just an efficiency tool; it also enables them to do more with the same resources, helping them achieve their growth ambitions. Switching to Centix Online has not only enhanced efficiency but, more importantly, improved user convenience. Thanks to the QR code and Centix’s system, inspection data and certificates are now instantly available online, making paperwork a thing of the past. Tim says, “If anyone asks, “How do you guys do that?’ we immediately shout, Centix!”

Discover what Centix could do for your organisation

Have you become enthusiastic and want to know more? It would be my pleasure to take you through the possibilities Centix has to offer in a product demonstration. Depending on your requirements, I will brief you in half an hour to an hour and a half to give you a clear picture of our complete management solution for technical wholesalers! 

Centix Apps for approvals, service and order process

Centix Mobile App

With Centix Mobile you can maintain assets such as tools, equipment, machines and installations, for example by performing maintenance and inspections. It is also possible to move the assets and request history. It is the App that can be used by your entire organization and your customers.

Centix Work Order App

With the Centix Work Order app you manage the entire flow from planning to billing using the work orders. With the help of this app, the mechanic or inspector has a complete tool to organize his work and to register time and materials.

Centix Logistics App

The Logistics app is part of the Order modules and is used by warehouse, yard and transport employees. The App supports order creation, order picking and returns. But also inspecting equipment and tools and registering repairs or cleaning actions.

Centix Online Basis

€119.50 per month

Our standard configuration with extensive options and unlimited storage.

From the warehouse, workshop to the customer


Due to the many modules, Centix can be customized and used by both small and large companies.


With the Centix Mobile App everyone has the right information. With the Centix Work Order App you manage the entire service process of your customers.

Maintenance & service

Centix makes it easy to schedule maintenance and service. Plan the work order, manage your workflows and the service technicians can easily handle these with the Work Order App.


With a ready-made layout for technical wholesalers, you can start immediately. Centix has a layout based on experience that you only need to fine-tune.