Inspect tools for inspection and testing companies

Centix is very suitable for testing tools for inspection and testing companies. Everyone involved, from planning to inspectors, has insight into the information that is important to them.

Schedule your inspector with the work orders, send him on the road with the Centix Apps and increase physical security for all your customers!

Centix is strong in supporting inspections of equipment, tools, and even entire installations. Inspecting power tools is very easy thanks to our cooperation with various manufacturers.

Gereedschap keuren voor inspectie- en keuringsbedrijven CE-Ester

inspecting tools quickly and easily with centix

With a ready-made layout for tool inspections, your company can get started right away. Based on 25 years of experience, Centix has a format that you only need to fine-tune.

Materieel- en objectbeheer

Inspecting tools in practice

Over the years Centix has attracted many loyal users in the world of inspection and testing companies. Centix is a well-known concept in this industry. From big to small they are all happy with the software from Centix.

Most users register and manage the equipment and the inspection registration of their customers’ tools with Centix. Your inspectors can handle the service notification via the Centix Work Order app and Centix Mobile app! Both offline and online, you always and everywhere have access to all the necessary information.

Many companies use Centix to schedule their inspectors and create work orders with the scheduling board. Centix Online can be expanded with modules to a tailor-made package. From managing service technicians, creating orders or invoicing to inspecting the tools.

Strong in maintenance, inspections and service


Thanks to the many modules, Centix can be customized and can be used by small to large companies.


With the Centix Mobile and Centix Work Order app, the right information is always on location. From creating a work order to handling service notifications.


With many modules in maintenance and inspection plans, it is easy to maintain and inspect from small tools to large tools.


With a ready-made layout for inspection and testing companies, you can get started right away. Based on 25 years of experience, Centix has a design that you only need to fine-tune.