Inspection software for inspection and testing companies

Due to the flexible and extensive inspection model, Centix is very suitable for inspecting tools, equipment, machines and installations. For inspection and testing companies, Centix has a best practice set-up and standard checklists, which makes it very easy to get started with Centix. Done with the physical inspection? The inspector sees on the spot whether he has forgotten something and the report or certificate is immediately created. This means you no longer have any extra administration work!

Depending on the type of inspection, for example, it can be useful to stick a QR code sticker so that time (and therefore money) is saved during the next inspection. You can easily request any inspection reports and certificates via the QR code.

Standard Visual Inspection Checklists
Reading PAT tester measurements
Can be used for any type of equipment or work equipment
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Applications with Centix

For various fields there are extra links with specific measuring equipment such as in the field of PAT testing for equipment inspections, manometers, torque wrenches, gas detection and air protection equipment. Specific links with, for example, Fluke MET/CAL or MET/TEAM are also available for calibration companies/laboratories. This type of companies usually also use the workflow modules for planning and administration handling.


Additional challenges because the environment to be tested, for example Atex, is very humid, contains acids or salts, has Internet available or not? Contact us! Over the years we have helped many companies and organizations with the right hardware and solutions!

Centix can be set up by rights in such a way that it is possible to work with, for example, ‘ external parties where, for example, work is outsourced. Thanks to the extensive linking options and import and export functionality, data can easily be exchanged with,customers, insurers and other stakeholders.

Let your inspector focus on the executing instead of data entry

The customer comes first in your service! You want your customer to have to worry about the condition of his objects as little as possible. But it is also important for your mechanics to be able to carry out the work efficiently with as few administrative actions as possible. Functions often used by testing and inspection companies are explained below.

Mobile apps

Approve anytime, anywhere with the Centix Mobile and Centix Work order App. Available both online and offline and available for IOS and Android.

Standard checklists

In Centix we have standard maintenance and inspection plans for the most common inspections. Quick and simple check off the inspection with Centix Mobile.

Readout PAT testers

Carry out inspections easily. After reading the measuring instrument, Centix immediately prepares a report with measurements.

Inspection certificates

After the inspection, Centix automatically creates a certificate. Inspection/revision, construction history, photos, appendices. In addition to standard certificates, customized certificates are also possible.

Customer portal

Are you tired of emailing lists and documents to customers? Give them access to their own part of your environment and don’t have to worry about it anymore.


Increase your productivity through real-time insight into the dispatch planning and project planning linked to the technicians in the field.

Work orders

Convert the assumed work into workorders for your inspectors. All information in one central point.

Time registration

Our apps think along with your technicians to quickly and easily register direct and indirect hours based on start/stop times.

Keuring, onderhoud en inspectie haakse slijper met Centix

Approval in practice

Assess both visually and with PAT testing. Quick and easy with Centix’s inspection software. Centix knows the best practice approach to go through both the visual and electrical inspection in a simple manner and in accordance with legislation and regulations.

Identify the objects to be approved or create new objects with QR code stickers. Simply scan it with the Centix Mobile App and perform the visual part of the inspection. Then perform the electrical measurement with your device tester. At the end of the day, sync the Centix Mobile App and read you out your device tester.

Manage assets

Materieel- en objectbeheer

Maintenance and Inspections


Location management


Centix Apps for inspection and testing companies

Centix Mobile

With Centix Mobile you can maintain assets such as tools, equipment, machines and installations, for example by performing maintenance and inspections. It is also possible to move the assets and request history. It is the App that can be used by your entire organization and your customers.

Object Angle Grinder in Centix

Centix Work Order

With the Centix Work Order app you manage the entire flow from planning to processing using the work orders. With the help of this app, the mechanic or inspector has a complete tool to organize his work and to record hours and material use.

Request a demo!

Get a demonstration of our software and see what Centix Online can do for your organization.

Centix Online Basis

€119.50 per month

Our standard configuration with extensive options and unlimited storage.

Strong in maintenance, inspections and service


Thanks to the many modules, Centix can be customized and can be used by small to large companies.


With the Centix Mobile and Centix Work Order app, the right information is always on location. From creating a work order to handling service notifications.


With many modules in maintenance and inspection plans, it is easy to maintain and inspect from small tools to large tools.


With a ready-made layout for inspection and testing companies, you can get started right away. Based on 25 years of experience, Centix has a design that you only need to fine-tune.