Equipment rental

Equipment rental

Whether you want to organize your entire rental process with Centix or a part such as maintenance, inspections and tests; Centix offers a wide range of specialized solutions and interfaces with numerous financial and industry software solutions.

Because the processes in Centix can be set up in detail for each user role, Centix is very popular for building a catalog in which technical data and documentation are clearly presented to the user. By using modern apps it is possible for all involved to work quickly and efficiently. With the Logistics App you can arrange order picking, issuing at counter and processing returns. With the Centix Mobile App you can perform maintenance and inspections.

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Using QR code stickers the customer easily identifies the rented equipment or tools and directly requests certificates or manuals. Your customer can also submit a service request or malfunction report simply by scanning the QR code.

Easily manage your rental process

In the rental process, registration, management, maintenance, information and service are important aspects to be able to work safely and to offer the maximum quality to your customers. It is also important to be able to carry out the rental process efficiently with as few administrative actions as possible. Using Centix Online Basis and the rental modules you can easily organize the entire process!

Equipment management

Easily have the complete overview where the rented equipment or tools are located. Optionally automated with the help of geotags.

Quotation and orders

Easily create a quote request and convert it into an order. After the order, you create the pick list for the warehouse.


Quickly and easily inspect with standard checklists. Easy integration with PAT testers.

Service notification

With the QR code stickers on the equipment, your customers can easily submit a service notification.


With the webshop, your customers can easily order equipment and you receive the order. Let the picking begin!

Centix Logistics App

No more paper pick lists, but digital pick lists. Complete overview of the stock and the possibility to inspect equipment on the fly.

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Order ready and equipment returned? Invoice the orders directly by connecting with your own accounting software. We have standard plug-ins available.

Rental information

Using the QR code stickers on the equipment, it is easy to request the correct rental information such as the manual, video instructions or certificates.

Discover what Centix could do for your organisation

Have you become enthusiastic and want to know more? It would be my pleasure to take you through the possibilities Centix has to offer in a product demonstration. Depending on your requirements, I will brief you in half an hour to an hour and a half to give you a clear picture of our complete solution for your rental processes!

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Equipment rental in practice

In recent years Centix has supported rental companies that organize all processes with Centix as well as rental companies where certain parts of the porcess are organized with Centix. For some customers, rental is a new activity, such as technical wholesalers, and we often start ‘full service’, but in many other cases Centix is introduced in phases and the number of processes that are carried out with Centix is expanded over time.

“Maximise deployment, improve inventory and increase the performance of your rental fleet with Centix.”

With the extensive possibilities of Centix you can now even manage fleet movements in detail. By using I.O.T. solutions such as geotags, but also smart use of data from the fuel supplier, performance can be analyzed and maintenance can be predicted.

Curious about the possibilities? Contact us and we will enthusiastically demonstrate our Centix software to you. We would like to hear about your challenges and will proactively think along with you!

Centix Online Basis

€119.50 per month

Our standard configuration with extensive options and unlimited storage.

Strong in management, maintenance and service


Due to the many modules, Centix can be customized and used by both small and large companies.


With Centix Logistics, your employees quickly pick the right orders for the customer! With the Centix mobile, your employees can inspect your equipment with great ease. This way, everyone always has access to the information they need.


With the extensive modules for maintenance and inspection plans, maintenance and inspection from small tools to large equipment is easy to perform.


You can start immediately with the ready-to-go design for rental companies. Based on 25 years of experience, Centix has a standard design that you only need to fine-tune.