Equipment rental for rental companies

Equipment rental and sale can be easily arranged in Centix for rental companies. Inspecting your smallest tools to large installations. With Centix, all personnel from planning to picker have a clear view of the information that is important to them.

Create your orders from a single drill or aggregate to a completely filled container. Pick orders quickly using our Centix Logistics app. Verify your equipment with the Centix Mobile app. In addition, you can read your power tool measurement with your own measuring instrument. Centix then prepares the report and gives you direct insight into what has been tested and certified.

Centix is therefore suitable for all employees, from technician to management. Get to know the software and many modules .


Manage equipment rental from warehouse to customer!

With Centix, the entire process from customer order, delivery to return runs without any problems! Our software provides complete support for the entire process.


Equipment rental in practice

Over the years Centix has attracted many loyal users in the world of rental companies. Centix is a well-known concept in this industry. From big to small, they are all thrilled with the software from Centix.

Most customers register and manage all their equipment with Centix. They create and pick orders via the Centix Work Order app and after delivery they have an overview of their equipment. They return the outstanding order with the push of a button.

Technical testing of equipment and tools with the Centix Mobile app is widely used. The entire logistics chain from customer order to invoicing is supported with Centix. If necessary with a partner link.

Centix Online can be expanded with modules to a tailor-made package. Easy to apply for every industry and every organization! From managing service technicians, creating orders and invoicing to technical inspection of tools.

Are you curious about the possibilities with Centix? Schedule a demonstration with one of our specialists, it will only take half an hour of your time!

Strong in management, maintenance and service


Due to the many modules, Centix can be customized and used by both small and large companies.


With Centix Logistics, your employees quickly pick the right orders for the customer! With the Centix mobile, your employees can inspect your equipment with great ease. This way, everyone always has access to the information they need.


With the extensive modules for maintenance and inspection plans, maintenance and inspection from small tools to large equipment is easy to perform.


You can start immediately with the ready-to-go design for rental companies. Based on 25 years of experience, Centix has a design that you only need to fine-tune.