Tools and equipment management for the public sector

Centix is widely used by various government agencies such as municipalities, water boards, safety regions, healthcare institutions and schools. Technical asset management, such as tool management and facility support, is often carried out with Centix. For example, by fire departments for the management of fire engine equipment and barracks. Or by municipalities for issuing and lending materials and tools to the field service. Maintenance and inspections are then logged in Centix, so that there is a better overview of stock, equipment and available tools.

Loan and issuance of materials and tools

Whether you want to organise your entire process with Centix or a part such as maintenance, inspections and tests; Centix offers a wide range of specialised solutions and interfaces with numerous financial and industry software solutions. Because the processes in Centix can be arranged in detail per user role, Centix is very popular in the public sector. In fact, you can build a catalog in Centix, where technical data and documentation are clearly displayed to the user.

The use of modern apps makes it possible for everyone involved to work quickly and efficiently. For example, with the Logistics App, you control order picking, counter dispensing and the processing of returns. With the Centix Mobile App, maintenance and inspections of your equipment becomes an easy task to perform.

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Using QR code stickers, you can easily identify the loaned equipment or tools and immediately request the certificates or manuals that go with them. A service request or malfunction report is also easily submitted by your customer by scanning the QR code.

The issuing and lending process at the Municipality of Nijmegen runs smoothly with Centix

Ellen from the Municipality of Nijmegen praises Centix as a convenient digital inventory system that keeps inventory in order at all times. The system provides an overview and prevents shortages or losses. Ellen says, “We can see exactly when we need to order what, and almost nothing gets lost.” At the Municipality of Nijmegen, the warehouse is efficiently managed: employees request materials at the counter, after which the warehouse employee retrieves them and immediately registers them with a scanner or mobile device, ensuring everything is accurately tracked.

Optimise your field service

Whether it is about optimising your service process or your production process, with Centix you have come to the right place! The standard package offers comprehensive solutions for the complete management of your operational processes. From logistics to maintenance and from planning to technical reports. With Centix you can monitor the entire process. So even when you are dealing with issuing and loaning equipment and tools or when you are dealing with field service and field service management. With Centix you work more efficiently. You have clear insight into what is in stock, what is on loan and where it is located.

Discover what Centix could do for your organisation

Have you become enthusiastic and want to know more? It would be my pleasure to take you through the possibilities Centix has to offer in a product demonstration. Depending on your requirements, I will brief you in half an hour to an hour and a half to give you a clear picture of our complete tool and equipment management solution! 

Maintenance, service and inspections

With Centix, you are able to fully digitise inspection and maintenance activities. This gives you better insight and overview. You can see more quickly from the use of color in Centix whether inspection deadlines are about to expire. There is also a good inspection and maintenance history of the materials. This makes it possible to analyse the desired information more quickly and easily, so that you can estimate, for example, the lifespan of certain equipment and when it is due for replacement.

Fire Department Twente: “With Centix, we are in control”

Fire Department Twente uses Centix Online to carry out inspection work completely digitally, providing a detailed history of materials. Tom Steentjes explains that Centix makes analysing information much easier than the old paper method. With Centix’s QR code stickers, employees can easily view data via a smartphone or tablet, saving time and eliminating the need for special equipment. This makes the inspection processes faster and more efficient.

Easily manage your issuing process

When lending/issuing and renting out materials, registration, management, maintenance, information and service are important aspects to operate safely and efficiently. You also want to carry out the lending/rental process efficiently with as few administrative actions as possible. With Centix Online Basic and the rental modules, you can organise this in a very simple way!

Equipment management

Easily have the complete overview where the issued/ rent/ lend equipment or tools are located. Optionally automated with the help of geotags.

Quotation and orders

Easily create a quote request and convert it into an order. After the order, you create the pick list for the warehouse.


Quickly and easily inspect with standard checklists. Easy integration with PAT testers.

Service notification

With the QR code stickers on the equipment, it becomes more easy to submit a service notification.


With the webshop, your employees can easily order the needed equipment and you receive the order. Let the picking begin!

Centix Logistics App

No more paper pick lists, but digital pick lists. Complete overview of the stock and the possibility to inspect equipment on the fly.

Partner plug-ins

Order ready and equipment returned? Invoice the orders directly by connecting with your own accounting software. We have standard plug-ins available.

Registered information

Using the QR code stickers on the equipment, it is easy to request the correct information such as the manual, video instructions or certificates.

Plug-ins and ISO

It is possible to integrate the financial process by integrating your accounting package using our standard plug-ins or API. In the public sector, the bar is set high when it comes to information security and Centix has therefore been ISO 27001 compliant since 2019. With this, your data is in good hands with Centix. We already knew how to guarantee quality. Since September 28, 2022, Centix is also ISO 9001 certified. An additional quality guarantee thus.

Want to know what the ISO certification means for you? Read also the information about the ISO certification of Centix.

Benefits/ Results with Centix: Savings

  • No more stock differences when preparing the balance sheet.
  • A more efficient way of working by having a clear understanding of what is in stock, what has been loaned out in terms of equipment and where it is located.
  • By digitising inspection and maintenance work, you will have a good inspection and maintenance history of materials at hand.
  • Inspections on smartphone or tablet.
  • Reading in NEN3140 inspections takes less time.
  • Are you using Centix QR stickers? Expensive reading equipment is something of the past. One scan with your tablet or telephone, and you immediately know the status of your maintenance and/or stock.
  • Because certificates of machinery inspections are also included, it is clear when what expires.
  • No more searching: everything is conveniently registered.
  • Would you like to plan your workload more efficiently? Centix offers additional modules, including the scheduling module, which allows you to optimally schedule your staff.
  • The employees who work with it (as regular or limited users) are positive about working with the system: it is user-friendly.

Governmental Institutions

Centix is widely used at various government institutions such as municipalities, water boards, safety regions and schools. Technical asset management such as tool management and facility support is often performed with Centix. For example for fire brigades for the management of equipment from tanker sprayers and barracks.

Healthcare institutions

Healthcare institutions often have large complexes with technical installations such as building management, climate systems, many electric doors, emergency lighting, electrical inventory and safety equipment. For the building management and resource management in Centix, both our own technical service and external service providers have an overview in one portal.

Strong in management, maintenance and service


Due to the many modules, Centix can be customised and used by both small and large companies.


With Centix Logistics, your employees quickly pick the right orders for the customer! With the Centix mobile, your employees can inspect your equipment with great ease. This way, everyone always has access to the information they need.


With the extensive modules for maintenance and inspection plans, maintenance and inspection from small tools to large equipment is easy to perform.


You can start immediately with the ready-to-go design for rental companies. Based on 25 years of experience, Centix has a standard design that you only need to fine-tune.