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Our software is widely applicable, so you will come across Centix in almost every industry. All these companies in different sectors have one thing in common: technical resources must be managed such as electrical (work) equipment, building-related installations or internal mobilization equipment. From schools, healthcare and government institutions to offshore, the event industry or facility service companies.
Centix offers the solution for every issue in these diverse sectors. Management software to keep track of your objects per location or inspection software to perform maintenance and inspections.
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Voor elk vraagstuk in deze uiteenlopende branches biedt Centix de oplossing. Beheersoftware om per locatie uw objecten bij te houden of keursoftware om onderhoud en inspecties uit te voeren. 

But also document management to always request your documents such as certificates, reports and other data in a structured way. With the workflow management Centix also offers the possibility to submit malfunction reports or service requests, so that your technical service receives tickets automatically.

These organizations already use Centix

Centix is also used in these branches!

In addition to the various specialist branches, Centix is also used in many other branches. View by industry or company how they use Centix to manage their technical resources and processes.

Offshore companies

Technical service providers or offshore companies often use Centix to perform maintenance and inspections for work equipment and installations. The Centix Mobile App works both online and offline, so that work continues at these locations. Run standard checklists after which reports are automatically generated.

Agriculture & Horticulture

Centix is used for greenhouse construction, technical wholesalers, agricultural machinery and food processing companies. For managing and registering in-house maintenance and other facility purposes. In addition, performing inspections on (internal) mobility equipment or tools with the Centix checklists and the Mobile App.

Healthcare institutions

Healthcare institutions often have large complexes with technical installations such as building management, climate systems, many electric doors, emergency lighting, electrical inventory and safety equipment. For the building management and resource management in Centix, both our own technical service and external service providers have an overview in one portal.

Governmental Institutions

Centix is widely used at various government institutions such as municipalities, water boards, safety regions and schools. Technical asset management such as tool management and facility support is often performed with Centix. For example for fire brigades for the management of equipment from tanker sprayers and barracks.

Technical service

The technical service is a spider in the web for many companies. From solving a malfunction, carrying out repairs and maintenance to tests and inspections. Centix offers the possibility to support all these activities. From reporting a malfunction of a machine or installation, handling and reporting to performing tests and inspections.

Event Industry

When organizing a trade fair, event or festival, the construction and dismantling process involves more than one might think. Centix is often used for asset management from cables and reels, lighting and sound to forklift trucks and aggregates. But also for internal maintenance and technical service of event halls and exhibition buildings.

Possibilities in Centix for your organization

Technical asset management with Centix includes many functionalities that are used differently in various branches. From managing existing installations and machines, to separate hand tools, work equipment or mobile equipment. Carry out maintenance and inspections and, if necessary, link with your current industry or accounting package. Centix can be customized for any type of organization through additional modules.
Easily have a complete overview of who or where the tools or installations are located. Possibly with the help of geotags.
Easily create your own checklists or use Centix’s standard checklists. Quick and easy check off with the Mobile App.
Plan periodic maintenance and register all work performed with the Centix standard checklists and walking lists.
With the help of the QR code stickers on an installation or in a room, the user can easily submit a Malfunction report.
Materieel- en objectbeheer
Due to the extensive rights model, Centix is used within the internal organization as well as by external service providers.
Carry out maintenance and inspection checklists anytime, anywhere with the Centix Mobile App. Work both Online and Offline and is available for IOS and Android.
Own industry specific software? Centix has standard partner plugins. But also a Centix open API with which you can link with, for example, PowerBI.

Document management

Using the QR code sticker on the object it is easy to request the correct documentation such as a manual, video instructions or certificates.
Easy insight into which location, such as a room, hall or employee, an object is located. Move quickly and easily to or from another location.

Excel imports/ exports

Easily import Excel sheets to register everything in Centix or import external reports so that everyone has insight into everything in one portal.
Centix supports many PAT testers. After reading the measuring instrument in Centix, a report with measured values is immediately drawn up.

Curious about the use and application for your organization?

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