Tool management with Centix

Centix has been used by many installation companies for tool and resource management for years. In total, more than 7 million objects are managed online in Centix. Centix has many useful options for fast and efficient inspections, for example, to automatically call up tools for an inspection and to quickly move them or borrow them via a simple Mobile App.


In addition, Centix is used for the maintenance and service process of installation and/or machine parts. With Centix you can easily create service or malfunction forms. Your customer can invoke this with the help of a QR code and report a malfunction. With the help of an API it is also possible in Centix to process fully automated reports from IOT/ sensoring of the installations and machines. For example, a sensor signal from the air handling unit on the roof of a building leads to a high priority work order.

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Do you have service contracts with your customers? Centix has an extensive service contract module. And your technicians can be sent on their way through the Centix Work Order App.

Management of tools to an efficient service department

Registering and moving tools on location, employee, vehicle on project is easy to manage with Centix. For the service organization, Centix is often used to organize the work of the field service technician. With the help of work orders, the mechanics are managed and they can register hours, materials and other information.

Tool management

The tool manager has a complete overview of where the material is and what the status is. Tools can easily be moved between warehouse, employee, vehicle or projects. With the Centix Mobile app you can work anytime and anywhere, and you can even perform inspections.

Service organization

The workorder is central to the service organization. The planning board provides an overview of the scheduled work orders, after which the technician sets off with the Centix Work Order App. With the app, work orders can be handled, material and hours can be added and inspections can be carried out.

Service notification

Using the QR code stickers on installations, objects can be easily identified. But your customers can also easily submit a malfunction with the Centix Mobile App. A work order is created from this, after which the mechanic can go on the road!

With your own portal easy and fast access to the correct information for everyone!

By giving your customers access to the customer portal, they can easily access their own resources, certificates and associated information. Using QR code stickers, customers and employees can easily access the right information. In no time at all you can report a malfunction, view a certificate or manual or maintain and inspect tools, installations or machines.

Your own webshop for ordering tools, PPE, or clothing?

The Centix webshop is simple and also looks slick. With a flexible editor you can organize both the product page and the webshop according to your own wishes and your employees can order supplies for both projects and themselves. The completion of these orders can be done efficiently with the Centix Logistics App.

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Centix at installation companies in practice

Centix has many customers in electrical and installation technology. All these companies are satisfied with our software. Most customers register and manage their equipment with Centix. In addition, the software is sufficient to carry out the inspection registration of tools. Centix also provides on-site recording of tools. This includes a warehouse, bus or project.

Centix can easily be linked to measuring instruments. This allows immediate reading and processing of the results of the measurement. Centix Online can be expanded with modules to a tailor-made package so that it is applicable for every industry!

Invoicing projects, inspecting and renting out tools or managing technicians becomes child’s play. Schedule a demo with one of our experts.

Don't make your mechanic an administrator

The technician comes first in your service process! It is important to be able to carry out the work efficiently with as few administrative actions as possible. But nowadays customers also expect extensive reporting on what work has been carried out and why. This seems contradictory, but with Centix it is possible!

Centix Work Order App

With the Centix Work Order app you manage the entire flow from planning to processing using the work orders. With the help of this app, the mechanic or inspector has a complete tool to organize his work and to record hours and material use.

Discover what Centix could do for your organisation

Have you become enthusiastic and want to know more? It would be my pleasure to take you through the possibilities Centix has to offer in a product demonstration. Depending on your requirements, I will brief you in half an hour to an hour and a half to give you a clear picture of our complete tool management solution for the installation sector! 

Centix Online Basis

€119.50 per month

Our standard configuration with extensive options and unlimited storage.

Strong in maintenance, inspections and logistics


Thanks to the many modules, Centix can be customized and can be used by small to large players in the market.


With the Centix Work Order App, mechanics always have the right information. The app is easy to use for multiple functions.


Our software comes with many standard maintenance and inspection plans. This makes maintenance and inspection of all types of tools easy. Our app is suitable for online and offline use.


By using QR code stickers, your customers can submit service reports. But Centix also supports you in managing your services with IOT solutions such as sensoring.