Tool Management for installation companies

Tool Management is a Centix specialization for installation companies. With our software, tools don’t get lost. With the Centix Mobile App your staff can immediately lend tools. Our apps are simple to use and suitable for the entire organization. Meet our software and modules.

In addition, Centix can also be used to manage customer installations. This is easy with our free download Work Order App. This gives mechanics a direct overview of the contracts, notifications and the planning board.

Gereedschap beheer software

In this industry, our software is used to inspect installations of customers from many fields. Think of electrical inspections, liquid-tight floors or civil inspections.


Tool management in real life

Many of Centix’ customers work in the electrical and installation industry. All these companies are satisfied with our software. Most customers register and manage their tools and assets with Centix. In addition, the software allows you to carry out the inspection of tools and assets. In addition, Centix also provides on-site recording of tools. Tools and asset can be allocated to a specific location, which can be a warehouse, project, van or an employee.

Centix can easily be integrated with PAT-testing equipment. This allows immediate import and processing of the results of the measurement. Centix Online Basic can be expanded with modules to a tailor-made package. Which is applicable for every industry! Invoicing projects, inspecting and renting tools or managing technicians becomes child’s play. Schedule a demo soon with one of our experts.

Management of tools to the organization of service department

Registering and moving tools on location, employee, vehicle or on project is easy to manage with Centix. For the service organization, Centix is often used to organize the work of the field service technician. With the help of work orders, the mechanics can see their assignments and they can register their hours, materials and other information.

Tool and location management

The tool manager has a complete overview of where the material is and what the status is. Tools can easily be moved between warehouse, employee, vehicle or projects.

Service organization

The work order is central to the service organization. The planning board provides an overview of the scheduled work orders, after which the technician sets out with the Centix Work Order App. With the app, work orders can be handled, material and hours can be added and inspections can be carried out.

Service message

Using the QR code stickers on installations, these can be easily identified. But your customers can also easily submit a malfunction with the Centix Mobile App. A work order is created for this, after which the mechanic can go on the road!

Tool management simple and fast

Tool managers, mechanics and inspectors work with Centix every day. Our database contains more than 4 million objects!

Strong in maintenance, inspections and logistics


Due to the many modules, Centix can be customized and used by small to large companies.


With the Centix Mobile and Workorder App, everyone has the right information in the office and on the construction site. The Apps are designed for technicians and are easy to use, both online and offline.


With the extensive options in maintenance and inspection plans, it is easy to maintain and inspect from small tools to large equipment.


You can start immediately with ready-to-use solutions for construction and civil engineering companies. Based on 25 years of experience, Centix has a design that you only need to fine-tune.