Asset management software voor de industrie

Asset management software for industry

Centix supplies the complete Asset management software for the industry. There is a suitable solution for every problem! Our origins focused on equipment management software. Today, industry customers around the world work with Centix.


All employees, from plant manager to technical service, have a simple and quick overview of the required information. This includes planning and carrying out maintenance and inspections. In addition, with Centix you always have an overview of all your plant assets.

Asset management software

Asset management software in practice

Centix has evolved over the years as a complete software supplier to the industry. Many industry companies preceded you and are satisfied with the software from Centix.

Centix is used to manage and register assets and (functional) locations across the entire plant.

Manufacturing and Technical Services perform periodic maintenance and inspections using the Centix Mobile and Centix Work Order app. With the help of the Mobile and the Work Order App, customers can process and read electrical inspections such as NEN 3140 or NEN 1010. Industry customers can use these apps to move and exchange their assets for repair or maintenance. For further additions, Centix has several partner links.

Centix Online can be expanded with modules to a tailor-made package. From management and maintenance of assets to managing your production and technical service with the work orders and the planning board. With Centix’s mobile apps you can access all your assets anytime, anywhere!

Bouwplaats en inrichting onderhoud en inspectie

Specialist in asset management software

With a ready-made format for the industry, you can start right away. Centix has a layout based on 25 years of experience that you only need to coordinate.

Strong in management, maintenance, and inspections


The extensive maintenance and inspection plans modules make it easy to maintain and inspect your installations and machines.


With the Centix Mobile and Centix Work Order App, everyone on the entire plant has the right information, and maintenance and inspections can be performed both online and offline.


Due to the many modules, Centix can be customized and used by both small and large companies.


With a ready-made layout for industrial companies, you can start immediately. Centix has a layout based on experience that you only need to fine-tune.