Equipment management for construction companies

Equipment management is our specialty for construction companies. For moving and rent out equipment with the Centix Mobile App to a complete overview of equipment per project for the foreman. Organize your transport to and from the construction site or bill rental costs to projects. A webshop to order clothing, equipment or tools is also possible with Centix.


We offer options for managing equipment and tools, detailed maintenance and inspection plans, up to bill costs to a project. Even with a connection to your own accounting or ERP software.

Centix is used by the equipment manager, planner, foreman and the employees on the construction site. All have an overview at a glance. Meet our software and modules.

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Easily manage all your equipment

When managing equipment, registration, management, and maintenance are essential aspects to work safely on the construction site. Therefore, it is vital to carry out the work efficiently with as few administrative actions as possible. Centix can do it!


Register your equipment easily with the Mobile App and the QR code stickers. Define all product features and details.

Equipment management

Complete overview on the construction site as an example: for the foreman, he has a complete overview of the equipment present on the project, including it’s state.

Testing and inspections

Detailed maintenance and inspection plans for all your equipment and tools with standard certificates.

Location management

Easily move or borrow the equipment to the new project, between warehouse, yard, employee or company car.

Need additional equipment, tools or clothes? Anyone can order this quickly and easily via the webshop.

Mobile Apps

Inspect and move equipment anytime, anywhere with the Centix Mobile App. As well as support for inventory management, orders and returns with Centix Logistics app.

Excel imports/ exports

Easily import Excel sheets to record your equipment in Centix. But it is also possible to export to Excel or PDF.

Rental costs

For charging rental costs to the project. Invoice by connecting to your own accounting software

Partner link

Your own industry-specific software? Centix has standard partner plug-ins. But also a Centix open API with which you can connect to PowerBI, for example.

Request information

Manuals, inspection certificates of equipment or tools can be quickly requested on the construction site by scanning the QR-code sticker.

Orders, picking and returns

Create an order yourself or receive it automatically from the webshop, pick the order with the Logistics App and return the equipment after end of the project.

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Equipment management in practice

Centix started 1997 with equipment management software for the construction industry. Hundreds of construction customers have been working with Centix for up to twenty-five years.


Of course a lot has changed over time and Centix has grown into a complete solution with mobile apps that allows the equipment service, operators, project leaders and workers to have access to their equipment anytime, anywhere. All tasks such as ordering equipment for a project, requesting returns, testing, arranging transport can be arranged and organized effortlessly and quickly with Centix!

Centix Online can be expanded with modules to a tailor-made package. Including the rental of tools and the management of service technicians. Are you curious about the possibilities of Centix? Schedule a demonstration with one of our specialists, it will only take half an hour of your time!

Equipment management specialist for more than 25 years

You can get started quickly with ready-made equipment for construction companies. Centix has a design based on experience that we only need to fine-tune together.

Centix Online Basis

€119.50 per month

Our standard configuration with extensive options and unlimited storage.

Strong in maintenance, inspections and logistics


Due to the many modules, Centix can be customized and used by small to large companies.


With the Centix Mobile and Logistics App, everyone has the right information in the office and on the construction site. Picking and returning equipment matches the construction process.


With the extensive options in maintenance and inspection plans, it is easy to maintain and inspect from small tools to large equipment.


You can start immediately with ready-to-use solutions for construction and civil engineering companies. Based on 25 years of experience, Centix has a design that you only need to fine-tune.