Equipment management for civil engineering companies

Equipment management software from Centix is ​​widely used in civil engineering companies. The Centix software is often connected to ERP software packages such as Metacom or SAP. With these kinds of connections, all maintenance and inspections are carried out in detail with Centix. The ‘small’ equipment is rented out via Centix, and the ‘large’ equipment is rented out or booked through exploitation in the ERP solution. It is often heard that Centix is ​​made in detail for the equipment service and covers needs that are not possible with the ERP solution.

With simple QR-code stickers your employees can request information such as manuals and inspection certificates quickly and easily. But also reporting a malfunction and viewing the malfunctions that have already been reported is easy with Centix. By using various Centix Apps logistics, workshop activities and other actions can be tracked directly during work.

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With Centix, all those involved have real-time information and the right tool at their disposal for all material-related tasks.

Easily manage all your equipment

With Centix you can successfully manage all your equipment, from large to small equipment and tools, regardless of the work areas it is spread over. Use convenient Apps and modern technology to maximize uptime, save costs, and plan and manage with ease.


Register your equipment easily with the Centix Mobile App and the QR code stickers . But also for identifying equipment.

Equipment management

The equipment manager has a complete overview of where the equipment is and what the condition is.

Testing and inspections

Detailed maintenance and inspection plans for all your equipment and work equipment with standard certificates.

Location management

Simply transfer or borrow the equipment to the new project, between warehouse, yard, employee or van.

Need extra equipment, hand tools or clothing? Anyone can order quickly and easily via the webshop.

work orders

No more paper work orders but digital work orders. Plan your employees with the clear planning board and dispatch them with the Centix Work order App.

Mobile Apps

Inspect and move equipment anytime, anywhere with the Centix Mobile App. Support inventory management, orders and returns with Centix Logistics app.

Time registration

Our apps think along with your employees to quickly and easily register direct and indirect hours based on start/stop times.

Excel imports/ exports

Easily import Excel sheets to upload new equipment in Centix. But it is also possible to export to Excel or PDF.

Planning board

Plan your equipment and employees on the project and get an overview of the availability, downtime and capacity.

Rental costs

For billing  rental costs to the project. Invoice by connecting with your own accounting software.

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Equipment management in practice

Centix has demonstrable experience at both large and medium civil engineering companies. In addition to our standard functionality, we also offer customers specific solutions in the field of ship or pipeline management and other operational systems.

The use of Centix makes it possible to switch quickly from request to deployment. Thanks to the modern apps and connectivity options, Centix can easily work from ‘simple’ requesting workwear to preparing a million-dollar job.

With the possibilities in Centix, it is easy to make a difference in, for example, maintenance and inspections on relatively ‘easy’ to manage electrical tools to far-reaching integration with large equipment with sensors and (automatic) malfunction reporting.

Strong in equipment management, for over 25 years

Get a demonstration of our software and see what Centix Online can do for your organization. You can get started quickly with a ready-made format for civil engineering companies.

Centix Online Basis

€119.50 per month

Our standard configuration with extensive options and unlimited storage.

Strong in management, maintenance and inspections


Due to the many modules, Centix can be customized and used from small to large companies.


With the Centix Mobile and Logistics App, everyone has the right information on the construction site or in the workshop. Ordering and returning equipment is geared to the construction process.


With the extensive modules in maintenance and inspection plans, it is easy to maintain and inspect from small tools to large equipment.


With ready-made installations for civil engineering companies, you can start immediately. Centix has a format based on 25 years of experience that we only need to fine-tune together.