Work orders

As a technician, why would you fill in a form with a pencil when you can do that easily on a tablet or mobile phone nowadays? Register your activities, hours worked and materials used with our Centix Work Order App. Take a picture of the situation with the Work Order App and have the client sign it in the app. Let customers report issues online in a standardised way. Plan your team with the planning board.

What does this all mean for your organisation in practice? Centix can help you to digitise your work process with the Work Order module. Automate your business process and let Centix do the work for you!

Work orders in Centix


Be clear to your customer and use the ‘fixed time appointment’ and plan blocks in the details of the work order. Use them in combination with the autoresponders so the customer automatically receives an appointment confirmation. Centix can even use Google API to calculate the travel time after specifying the correct transport type!


Add multiple workflow items to a work order to bundle related jobs and keep the overview. They will also appear in the planning board and Work Order App as one work order. This way, the technician receives one work order per customer and the customer only has to sign once.

Time registration

Add time registration at each level of the work order, which can be split into different cost centres, projects, etc. The Work Order App keeps track of the actions of the technician and helps to register the time spent per action in a smart way. If the work order has been completed in the Work Order App and an error has been made: no problem, it can easily be corrected.


Add products at each level of the work order which can be allocated to different cost centres, projects, etc. If the product is in stock, the stock is automatically deducted from the warehouse.


Is the job too big for one person? Add multiple persons to a work order. Only the leader of the group has to register the activities. The customer only has to sign the work order once.

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