Planning board

Efficient and paperless planning? Centix offers a planning for both personnel and equipment. The planning also offers an overview of availability and leave. No confusing Excel files, with the planning board including work orders module the planning is always and everywhere available in the cloud and in the Work Order App. Easily drag and drop the work orders into the planning board and immediately receive real-time information.

Planning in Centix

Efficient planning

If several items are dragged and dropped onto the planning board, they are bundled into a single work order, in this way both the technician and the planner keep the overview. The displayed size of the work order is calculated based on the pre-calculation, transport times and working times. If the planning changes, no problem, drag the work order to another employee and the planning is instantly updated both on the planning board and in the Work Order App.

Realtime information

After synchronisation from the work order app, the planning board is instantly updated. The colour of the work order changes depending on the status, the start and end time are adjusted as soon as the work order is activated or completed in the Work Order App.

The timeline on the planning board allows the planner to keep track of whether work is being done ‘on schedule’. If work orders are conflicting, this is clearly visible in the planning. In the Work Order App, a push notification appears as soon as work orders overlap.

Planning view

The view can be shown in different variants. Centix offers views in Gantt chart bars in day, week, 2 weeks and month mode, as well as an ‘Outlook style’. It is easy to switch between the different variants with one click on a button.


By defining teams by region or competence, planning can be done per team. Moving work orders between employees in a team becomes even easier.

Your preferences and the planning board’s settings can be easily adjusted and are automatically saved so that the planning board always opens with the same settings. You can navigate between dates using forward and reverse navigation or by selecting a day on the calendar.

Personal overview

Prefer an Outlook style? The person overview shows which work orders are scheduled for each person every day.


Create different teams per region or departement and schedule work orders for each team. Move the (concept) work orders between the technicians within a team, ideal for creating a tight schedule. Quickly switch between teams or add your colleagues to different teams. There are so many options!

Persons and objects

Drag and drop the work order onto the right person and the work order is scheduled! Did you pre-calculate the hours? Then these are represented by the size in the planning. No pre-calculation? The work order can always be adjusted manually directly in the planning board or by opening the work order with the right mouse button.

Does your organisation use car sharing? Then also the cars can be scheduled under the object schedule!


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