Tool management with Centix

With our Centix Online solution you can easily register, locate and approve your tools. With the flexible structure you can set up Centix completely according to your own wishes and with the standard set-up you can start immediately. Due to a good registration and the simple operation of, for example, the Mobile App, you reduce costs due to, for example, loss of equipment. But you also create more support for management because everyone can find his or her tools in the App. In addition, you actively work on a safe working environment for all your employees. This way you have the right, approved tools available at the right time and place.


Centix offers any desired tool management solution. From small to large and from simple to complex. It is the software with many modules for a wide variety of applications.

Manage tools

Lending of tools as tool manager

Of course, you can easily register tools, personal protective equipment, and other resources on a mechanic or vehicle in Centix. This way, everyone has an overview of who owns what. You can create project locations for projects and create warehouse locations for the central warehouse with stock. Using the simple App tools can be moved between different locations. Do you want to make it even easier for everyone; then put a QR-code sticker on the tool so that everyone has the same manuals and certificates but also so that relocation can be performed even faster.

On-lending tools

Many tools are inadvertently hidden from view due to being passed on between technicians. With the Centix Mobile App the technician who owns the tool and is therefore shown in his App, transfer via a move basket to a colleague. The colleague in question can digitally sign the movement, so that the tool is immediately registered in his name. Don’t want to have this option or others? In Centix, security roles can be created that can be set in detail. This allows you to decide for yourself who may or may not move.

Move tools easily

The tools, PPE and other work equipment can be easily moved in both Centix Online and with the Centix Mobile App. For example, you can move one tool at a time without turning it into a move receipt, but most customers work with the move basket and move receipts. With this moving basket, you first scan or search for all the tools to be moved, after which you can move them with the push of a button. This moving basket has the advantage that there is also a possibility to record a signature.

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Approval of tools

Visual Inspections

For visual inspections, Centix has many standard checklists available. With these standard maintenance and inspection plans from Centix you can perform almost all visual inspections. You perform these inspections with the Centix Mobile App. Scan or locate the tool, click on the open inspection plan, and go through the standard checklists. You can easily and quickly tick off the questions. Do you have a deviation? Select this from a standard list so that you have as little typing work as possible. It is also possible to add a note and photo. Then simply mark the deviation in the photo and complete the inspection. The condition and validity date of the tool is updated in Centix and an inspection certificate is created.

PAT testing

The power tool is subject to an inspection requirement according to the Dutch standard NEN 3140. For the tool manager, as the person responsible for the inspections, this is a labour-intensive task. Centix makes it possible to read automated measurements directly from the measuring instrument. After reading the measurement file, the state and validity date of the tool is updated in Centix. Subsequently, one certificate is created for each tool in which all measured values are displayed.


One of the biggest advantages of maintenance and inspections in Centix is the speed with which certificates can be generated. Centix has many standard maintenance and inspection plans and associated reports for both visual and electrical inspections.


The image shows a certificate generated with a standard Centix inspection of a ladder. The certificate will, of course, be provided with your logo. In Centix, you can create your maintenance and inspection checklists and adjust reports as much as necessary. The import function makes it possible to import externally performed maintenance or inspections into Centix per piece or per batch . No manual work, and the administrative tasks are completed at lightning speed.

Centix Mobile App

The use of Centix Mobile is included in our basic package and is our most used app.

With Centix Mobile you can maintain assets such as tools, equipment, machines and installations, for example by performing maintenance and inspections. It is also possible to move the assets and request history. It is the App that can be used by your entire organization and your customers.

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Download the Centix Mobile app

The App is available for Android and IOS

Tool applications

Testing battery tools

In Centix, the testing of battery tools is amply supported. However, people are sometimes convinced that battery tools do not need to be inspected because there is no connecting cord with plug. However, as prescribed by the Working Conditions Decree in the Netherlands, all work equipment that is subject to influences that lead to deterioration and give rise to dangerous situations must be periodically inspected and tested if necessary. This also applies to battery tools.

Where previously cordless tools with charger and battery(s) were registered and delivered as one set, the various parts are now registered separately in Centix. This has two causes:

  1. The battery charger has a different approval than battery tools 
  2. Most customers standardize battery tools, which means that there is interchangeability of batteries and so the use of the charger is actually for different battery tools. </li >

 Read here in detail about how to approve battery tools 

Selecting and ordering tools in a webshop

Centix also supports requests for extra or specific tools that are not part of the standard equipment of technicians, such as heavy electrical tools, fencing, or scaffolding. You can easily set up a webshop in which your technicians and foremen can ‘shop.’ They can search in a catalog with the available tools and equipment and then select different types to compare the specifications in a transparent way.