Tool management with Centix

Do you want to know where your tools are, whether they have been inspected, and also want to be able to inspect and move tools easily? With Centix tool management software, you have the ideal solution at your fingertips. With Centix Online, you can effortlessly register, locate, and inspect tools — both visual and with the PAT tester — according to the Dutch NEN 3140 standard and using standard checklists. Say goodbye to paper inspections, fixed workplaces, and administrative hassle at the end of the day! By using the Centix Mobile App in combination with QR codes, you can easily and quickly manage your tools from anywhere.

Centix offers a complete software solution with best practice templates for your tool management.

Benefits of tool management in Centix

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Managing tools

Lending out tools as a tool manager

As a tool manager or warehouse employee, you can easily register tools, personal protective equipment (PPE), and other supplies for mechanics, projects, warehouses, or vehicles in Centix. This system provides everyone in your organisation with an overview of tool ownership. For projects, it is possible to create project locations, and for the central warehouse with stock, you can create warehouse locations. Utilising the intuitive Centix Mobile App, tools can easily be moved between locations. To streamline the process further, consider affixing Centix QR code stickers to the tools. This allows everyone to immediately request manuals and certificates and facilitates faster movement.

Tool on-lending

A common problem in tool management is that tools are inadvertently lost or misplaced due to on-lending between mechanics. With the Centix Mobile App, the mechanic who owns the tool, and is therefore listed in the app, can relocate the tool to a colleague via a move basket. The colleague in question can then digitally sign the transfer, which assigns the tool directly to them. Don’t want to utilise this option or others? In Centix, it is possible to create different security roles that can be configured in detail. This allows you to determine who can or cannot move tools.

Centix Mobile App

The Centix Mobile App provides effortless access to all your tools, regardless of your location. Whether you need to locate tools, retrieve data for inspections, or move tools, this app handles it all seamlessly. Standard checklists also simplify inspection tasks for you. Furthermore, you can perform these actions even without an internet connection, thanks to its offline functionality.

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Inspection of tools

Visual inspections

Centix offers a wide range of standard checklists for visual inspections. With these standard Centix maintenance and inspection plans, you can conduct almost all visual inspections. You perform these inspections using the Centix Mobile App. Scan or search for the tool, select the relevant inspection plan, and follow the standard checklists. Easily and quickly tick off the questions. If there is a discrepancy, you can select it from a standard list to minimise typing. It is also possible to add a note and a photo. Simply mark the deviation on the photo and complete the inspection. The status and validity date of the tool are updated in Centix, and an inspection certificate is automatically generated.

PAT testing

Electrical power tools are subject to an inspection requirement according to the Dutch standard NEN 3140. For the tool manager, as the person responsible for inspections, this is a labour-intensive task. Centix enables automated measurements to be read directly from the PAT tester. After importing the measurement file, the status and validity date of the tool are updated in Centix. A certificate is then generated for each tool, displaying all measurement values.

Inspection of cordless power tools

Did you believe that cordless power tools are exempt from inspection because they lack a power cord and plug? Nothing could be further from the truth. The Working Conditions Act mandates periodic inspections for all work equipment susceptible to deterioration and hazardous situations, including cordless tools. Fortunately, Centix simplifies this process. We provide standard inspection checklists in Centix for various types of cordless power tools, such as angle grinders, crosscut saws, and many more!


One of the significant advantages of using Centix for inspections is the rapid generation of certificates. Centix offers a wide range of standard checklists and corresponding reports for both visual and electrical inspections. Additionally, you have the flexibility to create custom inspection checklists and tailor reports as needed within Centix. With the import function, externally conducted inspections can be seamlessly imported individually or in batches. This eliminates manual work, ensuring administrative tasks are completed swiftly.

On the right is an example of a certificate generated through a standard Centix inspection of a ladder.