Project management in Centix

The projects are used serveral places in Centix, such as the workflow, work orders, orders and locations. The projects are part of the Centix Online Basis. Additional modules are required for time and product registration/calculation.

Projects in Centix

Master data

The master data includes the ability to categorize projects, track the status and progress. But also to check whether it should be charged, specify the start and end date and which administration it is booked to. Navigate directly from the sidebar on the right to other Centix functionalities such as invoices, orders or workflow items.

Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS)

To gain even better insight into the financial progress of a project, all related Cost Breakdown Structures can be added to this tab. CBS is also referred to as Budget Codes in Centix, can optionally be transferred into Centix by linking to your own financial or industry software.

Hour realization and calculation

The hour registration can be entered directly on the project itself. But usually the time registration is booked on the project via the Work Order App and Workflow. Because the calculation is also kept up to date, you can optimally manage the project and the associated costs.


The product registration can also be entered directly on the project. The consumables are booked as a product via the Work Order App and workflow as well. With the pre-calculation, the project can be optimally managed.


With the team, you can decide what someones role will be within the project. This gives stakeholders, for example, automatic access to the equipment that is located at the project locations.


Documents such as drawings, permits, certificates, reports or manuals can be added to the project.


The dashboard shows general information about the progress of the project. The number of orders per status, how many invoices there are per status (processed), the progress of workflow items and the overall progress of the project. Want more in depth information? Then navigate via the information button and the sidebar on the right for more information.

View our additional modules modules

General Extensions

The general modules are applicable for all types of branches. This includes multilingualism, competencies, and much more.


Procurement, Sales & Rental

The trading module can be used for procurement, sales and rental products. The entire process from invoice to settlement is manageable in Centix.


Work orders & ticketing

With the work orders and ticketing module, your service organization is optimally set up from the workshop to scheduling technicians and much more.