Control the order flows in your organisation with our order module. Manage and organise the incoming rental and sales orders and then create a pick list. Pick the products with the Centix Logistics App and prepare the order. The module also offers numerous options after delivery, such as supporting the return process, from submitting a return request to the immediate return of equipment or tools at the warehouse counter. The module provides extensive options for various target groups. Depending on your module composition, there are options for composite products, buy-back schemes, alternatives, quick selections for accessories, consumables, and more.

Orders in Centix

Detail l

All fields are clearly displayed in the detail view. For example, you can indicate to whom and where delivery should be made, specify an expected return date, and include a scoring opportunity for a quote request.

On the left, you can navigate to various functionalities using tabs. You can also easily navigate from an order to the related pick lists and packing slips. This way, you can easily retrieve all information from one screen.

Detail ll

Fill in the delivery location, administration, project, and cost centre to complete the order. The required products can be charged to a project or invoiced to a third party.

You can select the contact person, payment method, and conditions for each order. If these are set up for the relation, they will be automatically pre-filled.

Detail lll

Record any internal and external notes on the order. These notes can later be displayed on the pick list when picking an order using the Logistics App.

Order lines

Efficient navigation, clear information, and quick input through smart functionalities – that’s what Centix offers to back-office employees! A front office is available for input by, for example, mechanics and project managers.

By utilising order templates, for example, entire equipment lists for a new employee or specific job profile can be added easily. During data entry, you will automatically receive notifications about details such as certain additional supplies associated with the entered product. Functions like ‘import rented objects’ enable complete rental orders to be transferred from one project to another seamlessly.


For products that require additional activities such as transport or installation, you can create workflow items by selecting the ‘Workflow Items’ button.

Status logs

You can track the progress of the order in the status log. Changes in status can trigger automated emails to relevant employees or customers. Message notifications can be customised through system settings.


The dashboard offers a quick overview of the order status. You can check the number of open order lines, pending deliveries, open workflow items, and completed workflow items at a glance.

Catalogue / webshop

With the catalogue, your customers or employees can browse products and add them to the shopping basket. Once a request or order is submitted, the back-office employee can begin processing it. The submitter will receive a notification by email.

Discover what Centix could do for your organisation

Have you become enthusiastic and want to know more? It would be my pleasure to take you through the possibilities Centix has to offer in a product demonstration. Depending on your requirements, I will brief you in half an hour to an hour and a half to give you a clear picture of our software including the order module!

Logistics App - Dashboard

Centix Logistics

The Logistics app is part of the order modules and is utilised by warehouse, yard, and transport employees. The app supports order creation, order picking, equipment and materials returns, as well as inspection and registration of repair or cleaning actions.

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