Online customer portal with Centix

With the Centix Online customer portal you offer your customer a lot of extra services and your administrative work is reduced. Your customers can view their own resources within your Centix portal. This way, Your customers have access to relevant information anytime, anywhere such as the certificates, documents and reports.




Customer portal

Complete control in one place

In Centix, you register all the assets to be managed. You get insight into all the assets of each customer and your customer only sees his own assets. When the assets are about to expire, an automated email will be sent to you or the customer, so you can schedule a new appointment. After you have carried out the inspection, your customer has direct insight into the inspection certificates in the Centix portal.

Certificates always available

One of the most significant advantages of maintenance and inspections in Centix is the speed with which Centix can generate certificates. Centix has many standard maintenance and inspection plans and associated reports for visual and electrical inspections (NEN 3140). Next to this is a certificate that has been generated with a standard Centix inspection of a ladder. Certificates in your portal will get your logo. In Centix, you can create your maintenance and inspection checklists and adjust reports as much as necessary. After inspection, the certificates can be requested immediately by the customer. This means you no longer have to email certificates.

Submit a Service report

Improve your service organization with easy to scan QR code forms. The forms can be designed by yourself with content such as the standard Centix fields or CMS. It is also possible to use self-defined fields, which makes the form extremely flexible. For example, labels can be adjusted, it can be determined per input field in which role they are shown and translations can be added.

The submitter simply scans the QR code and fills in the form with the phone. The submitter and administrator may receive a confirmation by e-mail. The service forms are converted into a ‘workflow‘ in Centix. The service process can then be continued in Centix.

Increase your service

The Centix Online customer portal offers various options to offer your customer maximum service.

Asset list

An list of all assets is displayed. Self defined views with data about the asset condition, validity date and next inspection date.


No more emailing PDF certificates to your customer. These can be directly requested by your customer in the Centix Online portal. This not only saves you time, but also offers extra service to the customer.

Report service

If problems arise with a specific object, your customers can quickly and easily submit a service request. You can design the forms for this request by yourself.

Automatic mailing

When the objects are about to expire, it is possible to automatically send an email to you or your customer. This means you are always assured of new appointments!

Extended authorization

Centix offers an extensive authorization model to manage the users. Per customer or per function group you can set what they are allowed to see and what they are allowed to perform.

Own branding

Your own Centix customer portal, certificates and reports get your own style and branding. Linking the portal from your company website makes it look professional.

Organisations already using Centix

Simplify your inspection process

In addition to the Centix customer portal, Centix is also the inspection software to make your inspection process simple en fast.

Centix makes it possible to read automated measurements directly from the PAT-tester. After reading the measurement file, the condition and validity date of the object is updated in Centix and a certificate is created.

Centix has many standard checklists available for visual inspections. But you can also easily create your own checklist. This checklist can then be executed with the Centix Mobile App.

Scan or search for the asset to be inspected in Centix, or immediately create a new asset. Start the open inspection and and run the standard checklist. In case of a deviation, simply add a note, standard deviation or photo.

Discover what Centix could do for your organisation

Have you become enthusiastic and want to know more? It would be my pleasure to take you through the possibilities Centix has to offer in a product demonstration. Depending on your requirements, I will brief you in half an hour to an hour and a half to give you a clear picture of our software solution including the portal functionality!