Maintenance and inspections

Performing, managing and registering maintenance and inspections is easy in Centix. Whether it concerns deliveries and inspections on behalf of third parties, or the maintenance and inspection of own company assets. Easily create maintenance and inspection plans.


Manage the inspection intervals and let your inspector easily inspect the equipment, tools or installations at the right location and time via the Mobile app. Use the standard Centix reports for the certificates.

Materieel- en objectbeheer

Maintenance and Inspection Plans

Thanks to the flexible structure of the maintenance and inspections, Centix is very versatile. For example in housing construction and the management and maintenance of real estate. And from relatively simple electrical and mechanical equipment, tools and equipment to complex industrial installations. But also in the field of air quality, hospital beds, food, hygiene, play and climbing equipment, etc.
Standard maintenance and inspection plans

Centix has the latest maintenance and inspection plans available for its customers. The available maintenance and inspection plans can be imported into Centix. From ladder and fall harness to trailer or hand pallet truck. From crosscut saw and aggregate to grinding machine or canteen. But you can also put together your own maintenance and inspection plan. But do you prefer customization for more extensive or complex maintenance and inspection plans? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities!

Management of maintenance and inspection plans

With Centix Online Basis you already have flexible options to link maintenance and inspection plans to the objects you manage. It is possible to link a plan per object or object type. This saves time and your new objects are always assured of a valid OI plan. Set an interval based on the NEN standard or condition of the object. Change easily so you always have an up-to-date MI-plan.

Centix offers flexible options in which inspections can be fully customized. You can do this yourself or have it done by one of our specialists. Applicable standards and guidelines can serve as a basis, such as NEN standards, but also your own interpretations of standards or criteria you have drawn up yourself. The content of the inspection is built up by translating these standards, guidelines and criteria into a set of questions.

Maintenance and Inspections

Planning, executing and processing maintenance and inspections is integrated in Centix with object management and various workflow modules. For each individual object or location that you manage in Centix, you can define one or more maintenance or inspection plans (called OI plans in Centix).
“Convenience serves the inspector”
It goes without saying that it is all about managing the OI plans, processing the data in the database and creating reports. Inspections or maintenance activities can easily be scheduled with a work order. The inspector only needs to have access to a tablet, mobile phone or PDA. This makes inspecting ‘on paper’ a thing of the past. This offers a large number of advantages for inspectors. Centix replaces checklists with a simple user interface, which guides the inspector logically and clearly through the inspection questions with colors (green, red and black). The application is also set up in such a way that the inspector only needs to type in minimal data. In addition, the inspector can invoke extensive help information and supporting documents, such as drawings and diagrams, for support.
Structure of maintenance and inspections

The functionality of maintenance and inspections in Centix has several phases. This structure is built up in preparation, inspection, processing and reporting.


In Centix, there is no need to prepare or plan an inspection. Because all intervals and procedures are recorded in the database, the user is automatically notified to perform the task.


Inspections can be performed using the Mobile app, available for both tablets and mobile. The inspector can then fall back on inspection procedures and standards at any time, which are recorded in the knowledge system. This enables him to add ‘spontaneous inspections’ of tools and/or installations that were not known beforehand.


While processing the inspections, you can combine various partial inspections into one inspection. This makes it possible, for example, to carry out a number of partial inspections during a construction process, without ending up in administrative red tape.


The integrated report editor makes it possible to produce reports in standard formats such as PDF at lightning speed. The data from almost all fields of the database can be used to prepare the reports. You can also create reports in the editor in your own house style and reporting style. In addition, the system offers various options for compiling management reports.

Reuse data

Data from the inspections can serve as a basis for new inspections. For example, it is possible to perform a re-inspection in a simple way (based on questions with the answer wrong).

Inspection interval
An important part of an OI plan is the inspection interval. That is the time between two inspections or maintenance. A standard interval can be set in an OI plan. This standard is adopted when linking the OI plan to an object. For example, if an installation or tool is used more than average or in a hazardous environment, a higher inspection frequency is appropriate. On the other hand, a risk inventory and evaluation can be a reason to lengthen or shorten the interval.
Automated measurement PAT-testing (NEN3140)

Measurements performed with a measuring instrument can be included as a step in a Maintenance and Inspection Plan. You can choose from a standard list of test devices that Centix supports.


Measurement data can be loaded into Centix both directly and indirectly. For example, transferring data directly takes place through the serial port of the computer. If this is not possible, for example when your inspectors work from home and do not come to the office every day, the measurement data can also be stored in a CSV file.


When the measurement data is loaded and Centix recognizes the measured object, the measurement data is automatically updated. It is then possible to generate test or inspection certificates.

Strong in electrical inspections and tests

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Mobile apps

Centix offers mobile apps for controlling, managing and performing maintenance and inspection activities. The functionality for maintenance and inspections has been developed in addition to the Centix Web, for the Mobile interfaces. The Centix Work Order app has been developed for the control. Mechanics and/or inspectors can be scheduled here and can carry out inspections using the work orders. Use the Mobile App to manage your equipment, tools or installations and to carry out maintenance and inspections.

Centix Mobile

With Centix Mobile you can maintain assets such as tools, equipment, machines and installations, for example by carrying out maintenance and inspections. It is also possible to move the assets and request move history. It is the App that can be used by your entire organization and your customers.
Objecten Centix mobile


One of the biggest advantages of managing maintenance and inspections in Centix is the speed with which reports can be generated automatically. These can be created from the database during a project as an interim report or after a project. It is also very easy to report on multiple levels, such as management reports or advice for corrective measures. The report editor not only provides the user with enormous savings when preparing reports, it also drastically reduces the delivery time of reports to third parties. Options such as compiling inspection certificates in PDF are widely supported.


We have many standard maintenance and inspection plans and associated reports for both visual and electrical inspections. Below is a certificate generated with a standard Centix inspection of a construction ladder.