Maintenance and inspections: Centix takes care of it

No matter how you carry out equipment maintenance and inspections – outsourced or in-house – you want it to be done right. That means carrying out maintenance on time and knowing when to carry out checks, calibrations, adjustments or inspections.


With Centix, maintenance and inspections go hand in hand. With some objects, you will need to perform maintenance annually or after a certain number of running hours or kilometres. Or perhaps you perform standard checks and inspections after equipment/tools return from rental?

Automatic notifications

No matter how you carry out your maintenance or inspections, there is one truth: having to do it manually is a challenge. You run the risk of losing equipment and/or missing inspections. With Centix, you are always up to date: you maintain an overview and receive automatic notifications when inspections are to be carried out again. What more could you want? Your working method becomes more efficient, saving you a lot of time and headaches.

Richard van Hoof from Ploegam:
“With Centix, we now have a clear picture of our maintenance history and get automatic notification when a piece of equipment needs to be inspected.”

Centix supports you:

  • With 150 maintenance and inspection plans
  • Automatic notifications when maintenance and inspections expire
  • Mobile apps and extensive reports
  • Links to all kinds of PAT-testing equipment
  • Support of externally performed inspections and maintenance

How does it work?

Clear overview

The object master card and overviews show in a clear way when an object is due for maintenance or inspection. Is the object green? Then no upcoming maintenance or inspection is required. At orange, maintenance or inspection is upcoming and at red, the maintenance or inspection is overdue or there has been a disapproval or the object has reached the end of its life cycle.


Do you have several maintenance and inspection plans? No problem at all. For example, you can easily register both a minor and major service and an MOT on one object. The object ‘colours’ according to the next maintenance or inspection. Besides colouring the object, you can send announcements and reminders of maintenance and planned inspections to the user and/or manager of the object.


Willem Meulmeester from MSP Onions:

“Centix supports us to achieve our ambitions to grow”

Outsourcing? In that case, Centix also provides the right support

Do you outsource maintenance and inspections? Centix supports you in several ways with importing externally performed maintenance and inspections. For example, you can give an external party access to Centix that can update the data, keeping your data up-to-date. Of course, we can ensure in this process that you receive notifications as soon as changes are made. This allows you to carry out random checks to ensure that inspections and maintenance are going the way you want. On top of that, Centix includes batch import. For example, you can import your fire extinguisher inspections in one run. Also, a handy functionality has been added, which allows you to drag a maintenance report or certificate directly from your mailbox into Centix.

Connection to PAT-testers and test rigs

By default, Centix facilitates the integration of various PAT testers. For instance, you can also connect test rigs for manometers, torque wrenches, tensile tester, and similar instruments through the Centix API.

Challenges maintenance and inspection plans VS the solution in Centix

Challenges Maintenance and inspection plans

Complexity of your assets: Many maintenance and inspection plans focus on maintaining complex and technical machinery and equipment. Sometimes it involves a complete infrastructure, a cool installation or air-conditioning system.

Solution in Centix

Simplicity of solution Centix: In Centix, you can register and manage every part plus upload corresponding documents and keep track of the maintenance history. Very convenient, because your mechanic or operator can click directly on the technical drawing via his mobile app the part he needs to reorder or that he has repaired.

Data tracking and retrieval: With large amounts of data, it is almost impossible to keep track of it manually, either in folders or in Excel. So how can you tell how many times a part has been replaced? With inspection, you have to search for the right information.

Data collection + analysis in Centix: In Centix, you have direct insight and overview of your equipment, performed inspections and maintenance. You can therefore keep track of maintenance history and make your decisions based on this. How long do certain machines last? Do you need to order spare parts in advance? When do you schedule maintenance?

You need to comply with legislation: Whether it is PAT-testing, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, you need to comply with a certain standard. Legally, it is a requirement that maintenance and inspections are planned on time and done properly. When an unexpected inspection occurs, how do you ensure that you immediately have the right data available?

Centix provides instant insight and overview: At the touch of a button, you can surface data that a controller/inspector asks for. No more searching through folders or Excel sheets, because you and your customers have things in order with Centix.

Market changes: How do you make sure you keep up with certain developments in the market if you are still doing everything manually? Technological developments are rapid, but legislation and requirements of insurance companies are also constantly changing.

Centix is constantly evolving: Do you arrange your maintenance and inspection plans, your management, in Centix? Then you are assured of continuity. Centix continues to innovate continuously, also responding to current developments.

Cost control: No overview is no control. How do you effectively schedule inspections and maintenance when machines and equipment are in use/needed at project sites. Finding the right balance can then be a challenge. Especially when you want to keep costs down.

With Centix you are in control: you have insight and overview of your inspection and maintenance. Planning your mechanics/inspectors efficiently and paperlessly? Centix has planning for both personnel and equipment.

Centix is widely applicable: Standard maintenance and inspection plans

Thanks to the flexible design of maintenance and inspections, Centix is widely applicable. For example, in housing construction and the management and maintenance of real estate and from relatively simple electrical and mechanical devices, tools and equipment to complex industrial installations. You can also use Centix in the field of air quality, hospital beds, food, hygiene, play and climbing equipment.

Centix has the latest maintenance and inspection plans available for its customers. The available maintenance and inspection plans can be imported into Centix. From ladders and fall harnesses to trailers or hand pallet trucks, but you can also put in crosscut saws, power supplies, grinders and even site offices. You can also put together your own maintenance and inspection plan. Do you prefer customised comprehensive or complex maintenance and inspection plans? Then contact us to discuss the possibilities!

  • Residential construction, management, property maintenance
  • Construction
  • Maintenance and inspection companies, testing companies
  • Municipalities
  • Fire brigade
  • Installation companies
  • Industry

Inspection of power tools in Centix

Inspect your power tools quickly and easily with Centix’s inspection software. Visually inspect the tools and connect with your PAT-tester for the electrical measurements. Centix knows the best practice to perform the inspections in a simple manner and in accordance with the legislations and regulations.

With the QR code stickers, the Centix Mobile App and your own PAT-tester, you can quickly inspect all your tools anytime and anywhere.

Centix in the field
Quick and easy inspecting
Suitable for any type of work equipment
Directly record inspections
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Results with Centix

  • 150 maintenance and inspection plans that you can apply immediately, allowing you to plan and carry out maintenance and inspection on time.
  • Reliable data available to everyone online.
  • Work is more secure, efficient, centralised and paperless.
  • You are truly in control, because:
    1. you (or your customer) have better insight (by using colours in Centix) whether inspection deadlines will expire in the near future.
    2. a good inspection and maintenance history of the materials.
    3. the possibility to analyse the desired information more quickly and easily.
  • Improved customer service towards your customers, as they in their turn have a better overview and insight into the condition of their equipment.
  • Centix provides a lot of valuable data that can be used for analyses to make working methods even more efficient.
  • You save (maintenance) costs, because you can make decisions about (periodic) maintenance of used resources/material based on the usage and maintenance history.
  • The inspector or mechanic scans the code and sees the available data in Centix, including inspection date, maintenance history and location and where the equipment belongs.
  • The possibility of interfacing with all kinds of PAT-testers and test rigs allows results of measurements to be entered directly into Centix. So you no longer need to enter information twice. This saves time and reduces errors

Organisations that already use Centix

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