Field service management with Centix

Field service management simple on your own device. Why would you, as a service technician, fill out a receipt with a pen if you can now easily do this via a tablet, PDA, laptop or mobile phone. Easily schedule your people from handling complaints to solving malfunctions.


Using Centix Mobile and Centix Work Order app we offer two solutions to retrieve and process data at any location! Curious about the possibilities for your organization? Request a free demonstration!

Materieel- en objectbeheer
– Manage your service processes smartly and effectively – 

What does that mean in practice for your organization?

Notifications are received at your service center and/or service desk from various sides. A notification is planned or unplanned work that needs to be done. It is possible to prioritize a notification or to achieve the agreed SLAs. An employee is scheduled using the digital planning board and standard times. Is there a notification coming in urgently? No problem, then you give that notification priority over other notifications.

The notifications can easily be assigned to an employee at a specific place in the planning via the digital planning board and by means of standard times. The service technician is directly controlled by the planning board.

With a tablet, the technician can always view and register his work. This does not always require an internet connection. Job completed? Then the work can be ‘synchronized‘. This makes the work orders visible that have not yet been completed. For the planning, the progress of the employee is immediately visible. When synchronizing , the time of arrival and the working hours are recorded. This is also possible for travel time, kilometers and material consumption.

The apps have been specially developed for this target group. The apps are simple, fast and friendly to use. The apps contain functions for maintenance and inspection. Checklists can be completed quickly and reports are immediately available to the customer. After the end of a working day, the client signs one work order. In Centix, one work order can consist of several work orders.

Centix Work order app

Centix: "Made for people with work shoes"

From inspecting tools and equipment with Centix Mobile app to work order and workflow management with Centix Work Order app.