Equipment Management with Centix

Centix offers a complete solution for equipment management. From small to large and from simple to complex. It is software with many modules for a wide variety of uses.


An important trend in the construction sector is the close alignment of the different construction phases, where the aim is to keep the duration of a project as short as possible and to reduce the total construction costs. Strict planning and just-in-time delivery are key concepts in this regard. Efficient and effective equipment management is an important factor in this development. Having the right, approved tools available at the right time and place. A factor that requires adequate equipment management.

Equipment management in three location segments

We would like to introduce you to the basic principles of Centix and a number of important aspects that greatly increase the efficiency, safety and management of your equipment. On the basis of the three most common location segments, you can see at a glance what the wishes of the industry are and how Centix gives shape to these in our equipment management software.

Modular solutions suitable for every industry!

A large number of building blocks contain the knowledge and experience that we have gained over 25 years at construction companies from small to large in various branches. This means that we choose the building blocks according to your wishes and needs in order to create a proven effective and very easy-to-use solution for your equipment management. But do you have additional wishes? Our development team stands for continuous innovation so that nothing is impossible!

Discover what Centix could do for your organisation

Have you become enthusiastic and want to know more? It would be my pleasure to take you through the possibilities Centix has to offer in a product demonstration. Depending on your requirements, I will brief you in half an hour to an hour and a half to give you a clear picture of our complete equipment management solution! 


Personal equipment

Of course you can register the personal equipment (such as small tools, mechanical tools and safety equipment) of the mechanics in Centix. This works with Centix simply, quickly and easily, so you hardly have to worry about it. Periodic inspections are necessary and Centix has all of these available for you as well.

Automation of PAT-testing inspections

Electrical tools are subject to the periodic inspection requirements according to local legislation. For the equipment manager, as the person responsible for the inspections, this is a labour-intensive task. Centix makes it easy by clearly displaying the tool status in the overviews. In addition, there is an automated task for this with sending notifications at different escalation levels to the technicians about the inspection obligation. These notifications are automatically sent by e-mail and thus save equipment managers a lot of time.
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Automatic alerts for returns

It is also possible to link Centix to HRM software, so a notification about handing in the personal equipment will be sent to an employee who leaves the company. This too can be set at different escalation levels, whereby the tone of the reports becomes more urgent as the day of termination of employment approaches and the equipment manager and the manager are also copied. With these features, Centix saves you a lot of time for sending e-mails and making phone calls.

Project equipment

Select equipment and order in a webshop

Ordering equipment that is not part of the standard equipment of mechanics for the construction site, such as containers, shelf chains, stelcon plates, scaffolding, cabinets and or concrete pouring silos, is also supported in Centix. You can easily set up a webshop in which your technicians and foremen can ‘shop’. They can search in a catalog with the available equipment and then select different types to compare the specifications in a clear way.

Automatic notifications for returns

Characteristic of projects is that during the duration of the project items are continuously being added or removed. You can easily manage this in Centix, even equipment that is hired from third parties. In addition, it is possible to link Centix to financial software packages, so that when a project is concluded, automatic notifications are generated for the return of the equipment. This not only relieves warehouse managers, but also encourages project managers to handle this quickly. As a result, the equipment is available again for other projects more quickly. When the third party process is completed more quickly, this leads to better equipment management.

Everything simple and structured with the Centix Mobile apps

Centix offers three mobile apps that make tool management simple, fast and easy. For example, Centix Mobile with which a mechanic can directly register rented tools on his smartphone. In addition, Centix offers support in the app for moving tools between technicians, without the intervention of the administrator. Inspecting tools is also child’s play with Centix Mobile.

Site and warehouse management

Centix offers extensive support in managing the stock of equipment and tools. It is possible to analyze consumption, so that it becomes clear whether it still makes sense to keep this type of equipment in stock or to rent it from now on. A warehouse can be created for every kind of location type. Think for example of warehouses, outdoor locations, vehicles, people et cetera. Moving and assigning equipment is quick and easy with Centix!

More efficient inspection planning

The periodic PAT-testing inspections of electric tools can also be managed extremely efficiently with Centix. For items that have been inspected on arrival and have been on the shelf for a long time, even a limited inspection on issue will suffice.

Unmanned warehouses

Centix also makes it possible to work with unmanned warehouses. Each item is then provided with an RFID chip, which the technicians have to scan when picking up and returning equipment. All changes are automatically recorded in Centix.