ATEX in Centix: Efficient inspections and safety assurance

Do you operate in an environment where explosive atmospheres may occur? Then, you understand better than anyone the crucial role of ATEX compliance. At Centix, we understand the importance of periodic inspections in maintaining safety standards and ensuring the optimal functioning of equipment used in ATEX environments. Our ATEX software solution is specifically designed to support inspection companies and authorised technical service providers in carrying out thorough and efficient inspections. With features that enable offline working and ensure seamless reporting, this allows you to operate with confidence, even in the most challenging conditions.

What is ATEX?

ATEX (ATmosphères EXplosibles) is a European directive that establishes specific regulations and guidelines for equipment and protective systems used in potentially explosive environments. The main aim of the ATEX directive is to ensure safety in the workplace by minimising the risk of explosions. It imposes specific requirements for the design, manufacture, and use of equipment intended for areas where flammable gases, vapours, mists, or combustible substances may be present. By classifying equipment into different categories based on the level of protection provided and requiring manufacturers to meet strict technical and safety standards, the ATEX directive ensures conformity and promotes a safe working environment.

Benefits of Centix

ATEX in operation

In the operational environment, the application of ATEX directives extends across a wide range of sectors, including industry. Electric motors, heaters, electrical components and cabling are just some of the diverse equipment that qualifies for ATEX certification within the industry. Whether in petrochemical plants, oil refineries, food factories, or pharmaceutical companies, any sector operating in an environment with potentially flammable materials has to comply with ATEX directives. These standards play a crucial role in ensuring safety and minimising the risk of ignition in such environments.

These companies are already working with Centix's software for ATEX compliance:

These companies already use Centix:

Periodic ATEX-inspections in Centix

Periodic inspections of ATEX equipment are vital to ensure they meet the highest safety standards and continue to function properly. These inspections play a crucial role in identifying potential defects, deterioration, or damage that could compromise safety. To streamline and improve this complex task, Centix has an advanced software solution specifically designed for companies specialising in ATEX inspections.

Centix enables inspectors to carry out detailed inspections of the condition of ATEX equipment using checklists. Using the software, inspectors can accurately identify and record potential defects, by among other things, adding comments and photos, and recommend repairs or replacements to ensure safety.

ATEX-checklists in Centix

At Centix, we have developed comprehensive checklists specifically tailored for the different ATEX protection concepts. These checklists are designed to meet the requirements of various inspection classifications: visual, close, and detailed. The ATEX protection concepts below are supported by Centix at this moment, do you have another requirement, let us know!

Working offline with the Centix Mobile app

The Centix Mobile app allows users to continue working seamlessly, even when offline. This is invaluable for inspectors who are in locations with no or limited internet connection. By simply opening the app and entering required data, such as inspection results and notes, these are stored locally on the device. Once internet connectivity is restored, all changes can be synced to the Cloud, allowing users to remain efficient and productive, even in challenging environments.

Centix works very well, even offline! This is crucial for our inspectors, as they often visit factories where internet connection isn’t guaranteed. We find it incredibly convenient that we can also work offline with Centix.

Centix: a solution for labour-intensive inspection reports

Centix offers a simple solution for inspection companies currently struggling with time-consuming and labour-intensive reporting processes. At the end of each inspection, inspectors with Centix can easily generate a detailed report for end-users. Instead of spending additional hours on report creation using Excel, Word, or other tools after a day’s inspection, the report is immediately available in Centix as soon as the inspection is completed. This report includes a summary of the inspection, as well as an appendix with detailed information and photos of the inspection carried out. By using digital reports, inspection companies can deliver professional and well-organised documentation to their customers. Customers can log into the inspection company’s portal to view the report, including its history. With this seamless integration, Centix customers can increase efficiency and save valuable time, while improving the accuracy and professionalism of their inspection reports.

Discover what Centix could do for your organisation

Have you become enthusiastic and want to know more? It would be my pleasure to take you through the possibilities Centix has to offer in a product demonstration. Depending on your requirements, I will brief you in half an hour to an hour and a half to give you a clear picture of our ATEX solution!


ATEX inspections are an important part of ensuring safety and regulatory compliance for explosion-proof equipment. With Centix, inspection companies can optimise their inspection procedures, perform expert evaluations, and deliver professional reports to their customers. By using this advanced software solution, inspection companies can improve their efficiency while ensuring the safety and compliance of ATEX equipment.

With Centix, inspection companies can focus on their core business, knowing they can rely on an advanced system that supports them every step of the way.