Applications with Centix

Centix is a package with a lot of possibilities. Due to the modular structure, we ensure that a small user is not overwhelmed by functionalities that are not used.


The applications per branche are diverse. For each subject, the possibilities with Centix will be explained to make it clear to you as a user. Of course we help you with the implementation of the Centix software, so that it fully matches the wishes and needs your situation requires. Curious about the applications and possibilities for your organization? Please contact with one of our specialists or request a demonstration on!

Applications by subject

Field service management
Maintenance and Inspections
Tool management
Equipment management
Building management and technical service
Technical service

Toepassingen per onderwerp

Onderhoud & inspecties
Import en export
Field service management
Service center
Technische dienst
Verhuur- en verkoop
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NEN 2559 brandblussers
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NEN 2559 brandblussers

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