An inspection sticker or a QR-sticker?

The use of an inspection sticker is not a legal obligation, but it is often the most practical approach. It shows whether something has been inspected, until when the inspection is valid and sometimes also which inspection or standard has been applied. In addition, for most statutory inspections, it is also necessary that there must be written proof that an inspection has been carried out by an expert. This is demonstrated in the inspection report. An inspection report can be requested in Centix Online via a QR-code sticker on the device.

Inspection sticker

In most cases, a paper inspection sticker is used, which shows the year, the months of the year, and sometimes the inspection standard. The perforation shows up until which month and year the inspection obligation has been met. Sometimes, a paper sticker does not stick because the environment is, for example, humid or because there is high wear and tear. In these cases, a laminate sticker is usually used, which is much more resistant to humidity and wear. However, these stickers have less adhesive strength than the QR code sticker shown above.

QR-code sticker

In almost all cases Centix advises to stick a QR code sticker with laminate on all available and/or inspected items. This makes it easy for anyone to identify a device and the inspection certificate can usually be requested quickly and efficiently. The sticker is permanently attached to the device and will only be replaced if it is damaged or illegible.
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