What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 Centix
The ISO 27001 certificate is a guideline for setting up an information security management system, also known as ISMS. With this certification, an organization can demonstrate that it has done everything to secure information and complies with privacy legislation. The ISO 27001 certification relates to the way of securing company information. For this certification it is necessary as an organization to describe in a detailed manner how to deal with the security of information. It is a guideline to ensure confidentiality, availability and integrity within the organization. An organization can apply for this certification if:
  • They want to be a reliable partner for its customers
  • Privacy law requires this

Why ISO 27001?

Centix works with many organizations that handle confidential information. In order to guarantee security and to limit the risks of information and data leaks as much as possible, Centix is ISO 27001 certified. This ISO 27001 certification enables Centix to ensure the application of the information security system.

What does it mean for you?

Since October 28, 2019, Centix officially ISO 27001 certified. We have improved various processes in our organization for this certification. The ISO 27001 certificate gives you as a customer clarity that the business processes at Centix have been checked and approved by an independent third party company. You can request the certificate and the corresponding declaration of applicability from our sales department.