About Centix

Centix is a Dutch software company with more than 25 years of experience in the field of asset management software. Our first product was an equipment management and notification registration solution for construction companies. Over the years, Centix has expanded into a modular software solution in the field of asset management and Centix is used worldwide by various types of organizations.

In recent years, the focus has been on our SaaS solution Centix Online. Centix is ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified and is based in the Netherlands. The team consists of approximately twenty-five employees.

Our team

Our team consists of an ambitious group of young professionals who aim for the best for our customers every day. Through innovation and improvement we allow our customers to work in the best possible way. Core values at Centix are customer focus, teamwork, innovation, ambition and honesty. Do you get excited and want to become part of the team? Then take a look at our careers overview.
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Our vision on software development

Growth through focus, innovation and simplicity.



Centix was founded in 1997 from Staro Automation. Initially, an equipment management and notification registration system for the construction industry was developed. Centix was founded because at that time there was a demand from the market for such systems.


The name Centix is a combination of ‘central matrix‘. At the time, the central matrix was a deviation list for the delivery of housing projects.


In the meantime, Centix has grown into a supplier of software for the technical workforce. As our founder John de Rooij always says: ‘for people in work shoes’.

CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

Centix strives for the sustainable employability of our employees. Fit and healthy employees ensure a healthy company. Did you know that more than 70% come to the office by bike!?

In addition, Centix encourages the development and growth of its (future) employees. 

We stimulate training and also contribute by offering internships for High School and University.

Centix is locally involved and proud sponsor of the local soccer club Montfoort S.V. 19.

Our locations

Centix Montfoort

The head office is located in the center of the country. We have been located on the industrial estate in Montfoort for more than 20 years. Since January 2021 we have been located at Tasveld 1B in Montfoort. We would be happy to speak to you personally to discuss the options with Centix. Feel free to drop by or make an appointment!

Centix Urmond

Since February 2021 we have a second location in the South of the Netherlands. This branch is located in Urmond (in the former DSM building) at the gate of the Chemelot site. From this location we serve our industrial and international customers. Do you have questions about the applications of Centix in the industry? Please feel free to contact us.

Centix Montfoort
Centix Urmond

Contact details

Phone & E-mail

Phone number
Monday – Friday: 08.30 – 17.00


Address Details

Location Montfoort

Tasveld 1B

NL-3417 XS Montfoort

Location Urmond

Mauritslaan 49
NL-6129 EL Urmond