10 reasons to switch to Centix

Centix is user-friendly, the support staff is accessible, low implementation costs are a reality and the customer always benefits from FREE updates. These are points Centix is quite proud of. But there is more, which is why we have compiled a top 10 of reasons why customers switch to Centix. Is your reason among them?

The top 10: here's why customers are switching to Centix...

1. Convenient license structure

Centix grows with you. Of course, there is a lot of data involved. With many providers there are also costs involved. NOT with Centix. With Centix you do not pay more for having more objects. So your company can grow for free. Great scalability!

2. Low in implementation costs & FREE updates

Low in implementation costs and FREE updates with bi-weekly new releases that include your needs as a customer.

3. Best practice environments

Best practice set up environments for your industry; quick implementations that usually get you fully operational in as little as one to a few days.

4. Specialists in your field

We not only provide Centix software, but more importantly the solution to your management challenge. Centix knows practice like no other. Not for nothing do we also say: our apps are made for professionals on work boots.

5. Centix is your partner

We tackle it together. We not only implement the software, but stay ahead of your segment. Thus, with Centix, you will always benefit from the latest developments and innovations.

6. Centix Online: efficient and user-friendly

Centix Online takes numerous manual tasks off your hands and replaces them with automated processes such as announcing inspections, configurable messages in case of untimely returns and unexpected movement of your equipment.

7. Applicability Centix

Because Centix is widely applicable Centix is used in many various small and large organisations, which means that due to scalability, we also have sufficient development budget.

8. Excellently developed software

Excellently developed software, which you can completely customize to your situation by dragging and dropping widgets and columns, among other things. Moreover, Centix is internationally oriented. So you can easily work in more languages, and also have your international employees work with Centix. 

9. Scalable

We cannot emphasize enough that Centix is scalable. Did you know that you can do a lot with Centix Online Basis, but that we have another 38 additional modules, which allow us to meet all your needs.

10. User Days/ Events

Starting this year, we are again started organizing the Centix User Days: we share user experiences, knowledge, useful tips and update you on the latest developments. In short, plenty of inspiration and of course plenty of networking with your colleagues and peers.

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