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Standard solutions

With Centix Online you can manage your maintenance and inspection processes in the Cloud.

Thanks to over 25 years of experience, we provide complete solutions for your industry, including integration with your financial or ERP software. With Centix Online there is always the next step to further success! Asset management software for inspection and maintenance
Materieel- en objectbeheer

Managing assets

Adjustable bills-of-material with data about equipment, tools, installations or machines. Historic and current information always available on Centix Online and various apps.


Maintenance and Inspection

Perform maintenance and inspections using checklists via an App and integration with, for example PAT testing equipment. Third party maintenance or inspections can easily be imported.

Location Management

Management of the assets per location. Easily and quickly move between warehouses, employees, vehicles and projects via a powerful and fast app.


Additional features

Centix offers many additional features to facilitate your rental, service or sales process. Various standard plug-ins with ERP systems and an open API are available.

Industrial QR code stickers, RFID tags and more

Centix supplies a number of specialised products. This concerns hardware such as scanners, printers and tablets, which are often specially set up by Centix. But also QR-code stickers which are suitable for industrial application.

We recommend that you always contact our sales department for new applications. They can advise you optimally about the hardware and supplies to be used.

sm-15 scanner

Organizations already using Centix Asset Management Software

Centix Online Basis

Our platform is suitable for all types of assets. Centix Online Basis offers extensive options for a scalable solution for small to large organizations.
Need more? Centix can be expanded with dozens of additional modules


Technical companies in various industries use Centix Asset Management software for asset tracking, rental, inspection-, and maintenance management

materieelbeheer keuring CAT Catterpillar


Technical companies in various industries use Centix Asset Management software for asset tracking, rental, inspection-, and maintenance management

You will find our customers from construction to the (petro)chemical industry, from technical wholesalers to inspection companies.

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Inspectie details in Centix

QAQC plans in Centix

The revisions of valves, rotating equipment and electrical motors are carried out in the workshops of Stork, a Fluor Company with Centix software. The built-in QAQC plans run

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Accu gereedschap keuring mobile app

Testing of battery tools

We are regularly confronted with the comment: ‘we do inspect the battery charger, but not the battery tools because there is no connecting cable with a plug’. If

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Keuring, onderhoud en inspectie regelkast met Centix

Centix: for every maintenance strategy

Centix Online Basis has four types of maintenance which are all organized differently. Corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance and usage-based maintenance. In addition, event-driven maintenance using sensoring is possible

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