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Asset Management Experience

PAT testing

Strong in electrical inspections

ISO 27001 & ISO 9001

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Standard solutions

Unlimited numbers of users and assets

Centix Online operates according to the principle of concurrent users. This means that you can register an unlimited number of users if you want. However, we agree on a number of concurrent users who are logged into Centix at the same time beforehand. This way, you only pay for the actual use of Centix. We explain this unique approach in this video.

With Centix Online you can manage your maintenance and inspection processes in the Cloud.

Thanks to over 25 years of experience, we provide complete solutions for your industry, including integration with your financial or ERP software. With Centix Online there is always the next step to further success! 

Materieel- en objectbeheer

Managing assets

Adjustable bills-of-material with data about equipment, tools, installations or machines. Historic and current information always available on Centix Online and various apps.


Maintenance and Inspection

Perform maintenance and inspections using checklists via an App and integration with, for example PAT testing equipment. Third party maintenance or inspections can easily be imported.

Location Management

Management of the assets per location. Easily and quickly move between warehouses, employees, vehicles and projects via a powerful and fast app.


Additional features

Centix offers many additional features to facilitate your rental, service or sales process. Various standard plug-ins with ERP systems and an open API are available.

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Organizations already using Centix Asset Management Software

Centix Online Basis

Our platform is suitable for all types of assets. Centix Online Basis offers extensive options for a scalable solution for small to large organizations.
Need more? Centix can be expanded with dozens of additional modules

Request a demo!

Get a demonstration of our software and see what Centix Online can do for your organization.


Thanks to its modular structure, our asset management software always offers a suitable solution for every situation, per application or specific industry. Read more about how we can provide and unburden you in your industry.

Equipment management for construction companies from simple issuing of equipment and tools to deploying equipment on projects and charging costs.




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In addition to testing and inspecting in detail with Centix, the deployment of small equipment is often carried out in Centix. A connection between Centix and an ERP system completes the requirements.


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For managing tools from and to the warehouse or between the different vehicles and employees. Always have insight in the condition and certificates of the tool.




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Organize your entire rental process with Centix. In addition to maintenance and inspections, Centix also offers a customer portal, allowing the customer to quickly request rental information using QR code stickers on the equipment.

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From NEN 3140 inspections and connecting to the PAT testers, to visual inspections using the Centix Mobile App. Centix is also easy to use as a customer portal for the inspection certificates.



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By registering the products in Centix after the sale, you know exactly when maintenance or inspection is required. Centix offers complete support from quotation request, webshop to order picking and service.



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Complete Enterprise Asset Management software from planning periodic maintenance, testing and inspections to preparing and calculating. Frequently used by workshops, service companies, production locations and offshore companies.

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Centix is widely used by companies in the public
sector such as municipalities, security regions, schools, healthcare institutions, etc. Technical asset management such as tool management and facility support can be easily carried out with Centix.

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Centix Tags

“Anytime and anywhere insight with Centix where your valuable equipment or tools are”

Equip any piece of equipment or tool with one of Centix’s newest Tags and you’ll see where it is located or being deployed. Read more about the uses, benefits and costs of the Tags.

“We equip all our equipment with a value above €1500 with a Tag”

Industrial QR code stickers, RFID tags and more

Centix supplies a limited number of specialist products. This concerns hardware such as scanners and printers, which are often specially set up by Centix. But also QR-code stickers which are suitable for industrial application.
We recommend that you always contact with our sales department for new applications. They can advise you optimally about the hardware and supplies to be used.
Keuring, onderhoud en inspectie haakse slijper met Centix


Dunea en CE-ESTER verbeteren keuringsproces met de software van Centix
Customer cases

Centix optimises inspection process for Dunea and CE-ESTER: “With Centix, we are in control”

CE-ESTER carries out inspections at various customers, including Dunea. The inspection process is supported by the Centix software. CE-ESTER gains access to Dunea’s portal, enabling them to conduct inspections within Dunea’s environment. Having CE-ESTER work within the same system as Dunea provides comprehensive insights and a standardised approach to equipment management. In the case of Dunea and CE-ESTER, Centix has proven to be an invaluable tool for optimising the external inspection process.

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Zwarts Veiligheid & Techniek gebruik Centix in het gehele proces

Zwarts Veiligheid & Techniek: “We use Centix throughout our entire process”

Zwarts Veiligheid & Techniek is a company dedicated to the inspection, rental, and sale of various lifting and hoisting equipment, portable climbing equipment, and (permanent) fall protection. To streamline management properly, Zwarts uses Centix software. “We use Centix throughout our entire process.” In this article, Johan Zwarts shares his experiences with the Centix software and how it enhances the efficiency of Zwarts’ operations.

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Customer cases

Hemink Group: “Centix grows with you!”

Hemink Group has experienced significant growth in recent times. With this growth came the need to better handle the management of their growing number of equipment items. Therefore, the company sought help in Centix’s software. The company has now been on the road with Centix for six months. We spoke to Marc van Slooten about the experiences so far.

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